Forza Horizon 3 Final Forzathon begins Feb 8 (new achievements)

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Haven't touched the game since 4 landed, but I certainly will on February 8. The Final batch of Forzathon events will begin, and this time there are achievements to earn. Details below from the official site:

Final FH3 #Forzathon Events

Next week we’re introducing the final set of #Forzathon events into Forza Horizon 3. These events will go live on February 8 and, unlike previous #Forzathon events which rewarded cars, credits or XP in Forza Horizon 3, this final batch of events will award achievements, each worth 125 Gamerscore points. Each #Forzathon event/achievement (and subsequent Gamerscore reward) can only be earned once.

Here’s the list of events:

#Forzathon Cleaning Up The FestivalComplete 1000 Races or Snowman Skills125 GS
#Forzathon See You Horizon BossComplete 1500 Races or Kangaroo Skills125 GS
#Forzathon The Final TourComplete 2000 Races or "Hot Wheels" Skills125 GS
#Forzathon And Thanks For All The DriftsComplete 2500 Races or Ultimate Skills125 GS

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Yeah I got 2 of the achievements upon loading the game & was at 70% for the other 2.

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hah nice! I got all 4 that popped up when I booted the game.....thank you FH3, brings back memories! such a sick game, a highlight in my collection.....the Forzathon has no time limit by the way, it states "These challenges will remain live indefinitely".