Finding an online match in black ops 3

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I recently purchased a Xbox one X. So far, I am loving the system, especially the forza horizon games.

I have black ops 3, but I can never find a match online. Does anybody know if it's a problem with the game...or has everybody ditched that game and moved on to black ops 4.

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It's pretty dead, even cod black ops 4 is dead. People don't really play cod anymore. They have all gone to apex or something else. Hopefully the dwindling sale numbers will finally kill cod and they just produce zombies.

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@jtromaine: I purchased BLOPS 4 but it's mainly played by mostly Hardcore Cod players, most people who are regularly playing multiplayer games are playing Apex, Battlefield V, Fortnite, etc... Overwatch, etc.. And on and on...... I find Call of Duty games haven't changed in over a decade, same shit, same smell, and only the pile has grown. I think you better rethink your purchasing ideas in the future and go with something that has improved over the years, as far as games go.

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Thanks for the input. Just got black ops 4. Pretty decent game.