Fable 2 EASY XP glitch.

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So I discovered sort of a glitch that you can do. I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned this, and I've been to 4 forums. So you can do this glitch right when you get into Bowerstone, or closer to the end; doesn't matter. So the Alchemist in Bowerstone Market sells potions. He sells potions that give you strength XP, skill XP, will XP, and general XP. Depending on how far you are in the game determines what lvl of the potion you can buy. You're very first steps into Bowerstone: you can only buy the lvl 1 potions. [spoiler] After you rescue Garth and head into Bloodstone: you can buy the lvl 5 potions. [/spoiler] This will work 10x faster if you have a friend willing to do this for you, since it does cost some money to do. All you do is buy the 4 potions (1 str xp, 1 skill xp, 1 will xp, 1 gen xp), drink them, sleep for a week, wake up, buy the same 4 (it takes the shop owner like 4 days to restock), drink them again, sleep, etc. Just keep doing this cycle and you can literally have all 8 will abilities with lvl 5 power, the fastest, strongest, and buffest character before you even do a quest. The lvl 5 potions cost around 10000g, which is why you need a higher lvl character to buy them for you. My friend just bought the game tonight, he hasn't even done a quest yet, and I gave him 4 lvl 5 potions (you can set the bar to give ur friend 100% xp, 50% gold). He now has lvl 5 Force Push lol. Do this before they find out/fix it!!!
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Another easy XP that works is at the beginning of the game. Before you invest time doing anything leave the gypsy camp at Bower Lake and head immediately for the Guild Cave. Finish the quest inside and when you reach the end and transport outside kill the beetles, run down and grab the 2 chests filled with gold. Now run back to the Guild cave and enter. The only thing it will do is remove any items you recieved not gold. When you come back out kill the beetles for more XP, grab that gold again. Rinse and repeat. Not attaining fortunes quickly, but after the patch it is a simply way to get a nice little boost to begin your quest. Enjoy!

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Just keep doing this cycle and you can literally have all 8 will abilities with lvl 5 power, the fastest, strongest, and buffest character before you even do a quest.THEis1410

How is that fun? One of the main parts of an RPG game is building your character. And the game is too easy to begin with, having a super leveled character wouldmake the gamenot even worth playing imo.

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Do this before they find out/fix it!!!THEis1410

Fix what, the shop? I think if this was something they need to fix they would have thought about having the potion shop there from the start. Really if you want to waste time buying potions you cant afford then its all up to you the game is about choice after all. This action to obtain the potions fits along the lines of an easy EXP system more then a glitch anyway.

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These kind of glitches just ruin the game, they take away any sort of accomplishment and momentum from the game. I'd rather play the game and level up and slowly feel more powerful than to just glitch it and have zero fun.