Eternal Sonata & Tales of Vesperia

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#1 Posted by RedEnergy (831 posts) -

so im thinking about getting these two games, can anyone tell me if they are worth the money. i heard Tales was good but i havent heard to much about the other im looking for some new rpgs to play thanks.

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#2 Posted by NirdBerd (2113 posts) -

Tales of Vesperia is probably my favourite Xbox 360 game, I got about 300 hours from that game, so I'd definitely recommend it.

The same with Eternal Sonata, but I'd say if you want to pick either one first then that depends on your opinion of the battle system;

In a nutshell without breaking it dwon too much, Tales of Vesperia's battle system is real time so it's more like a fighting game, Eternal Sonata is a mix of turn based and real time (imagine ToV battle area and in Eternal Sonata you are given a certain amount of movement time to go somewhere, attack, retreat, whatever,and when your turn ends you will stay right where you left your character)

Better to watch a vid (my explanation is very barebones because I cant be bothered to break it down piece by piece) but if you can get both, get both, if not.. get Tales first

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#3 Posted by Soulreavercross (19890 posts) -
I've only completed Eternal Sonata, and it's worth it. The game is like a traditional jRPG, something that is a very rare gem this generation. I'd also recommend Lost Odyssey and Last Remnant. They should be cheap by now cause they are old games.
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i also just picked both these up, but I got Eternal Sonata for my ps3. i am looking forward to them.

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#5 Posted by DJ_Lae (42748 posts) -
Tales of Vesperia is a lot of fun. Eternal Sonata is...well, if you absolutely have a craving to play a JRPG, it's an option. I don't think it's a very good game, though - the battle system is the best at the beginning and gets worse as they introduce 'features,' the characters are terrible, the story is bizarre and the cutscenes are some of the worst I've ever seen in any JRPG. It looks pretty though. And the music isn't bad.
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#6 Posted by RedEnergy (831 posts) -
ok thanks for the info guys so i went and picked up Tales of Vesperia and the witcher 2 instead of Eternal Sonata i think it just seems better
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Tales is okay. Pretty run of the mill jrpgs but that's about the best you could ask for these days from current generation consoles. If you're less acquainted with jrpgs you'll like it more. I didn't play through all of Eternal Sonata but I got the same impression.
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#8 Posted by Legolas_Katarn (15556 posts) -

Tales of Vesperia is one of my favorite games and my favorite JRPGand I've played quite a few and most of the ones on the 360

I liked some things about Eternal Sonata but was disappointed with it overall.

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#9 Posted by Legend002 (13373 posts) -

Tales of Vesperia is great. I enjoyed pretty much every single aspect of it.

Never played Eternal Sonata.

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#10 Posted by Yams1980 (2722 posts) -

tales of vesperia is insanely long, i still havent finished it cause i took a break from it... but if you don't mind grindy JRPG then try this because its one of the better ones.