Entropay virtual cc for xbox live and BC 360 games

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Hi to all

I am new to xbox. Hell i am new to console gaming. I bought one S recently and the first thing i came to know is that microsoft is a really bitchy company.

The thing with backwards compatible games and the mode of payment to billing address matching with cc info. Plus u can not pay for bc games through ur gift card money!

So what can i do. I recently posted the same questions here but i thought i should open a new thread for it. Basically the question is if i use the Entropay virtual cc in the payment method will i be able to buy Bc 360 games on the xbox one. Now the tricky thing is that entropay is a euro company plus they dont register the vcc with name address etc which xbox takes seriously for verification.

So again is it a risk or has someone in the us or europe or anywhere else used entropay cards to get Bc games without any problem

Second question can i redeem the games with gold 360 games when i add rhe entropay card.

The confusion is that i know there are cards available which are primarily for the use in usa like giftcards.com offers visa cc that register and xbox then oks them i just dont whether my entropay card will be granted access or not and i dont want to waste my money