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#1 Razdaman015
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So I have Dragon Age UE for the 360 and wanted to install it on my one. After a couple of searches on the web, I put the second disc in to install and it prompts the message that I need an update. After I confirm the update installation, I can see in my games and apps that the game and all the DLC have installed. However, when I go to play the actual game, xbox tells me that I still need to install the game.

I've tried playing it on both discs, I've tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling, I've tried just installing the base game. No matter what I do though, I don't get any sort of pop-up or percentage or anything that indicates the base game is actively downloading, it just shows up in my library like its already been downloaded and when I go to play it, it just says I need to download it. Hopefully I've just missed a step and its easily corrected but I'm hoping that someone has run into this sort of thing already and fixed it.

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to help! :)