Dolby Vision issues

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So I have a TV that is supposed to support Dolby Vision but it doesn't work properly, I can't disable Dolby Vision without turning off HDR10 too. Same with my XB1X, can't disable Dolby Vision there without turning off UHD features all together. And Netflix doesn't have ability to turn off Dolby Vision. This sucks. I wish there was a feature on XB1 to specifically choose whether to allow HDR10 and/or Dolby Vision.

Anybody else having issues since they added Dolby Vision support?

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Damn that is unexpected and unfortunate, good luck resolving. No issues for me but my TV does not support Dolby vision.

Must be others having issues like that with same model as your TV, so I definitely recommend you check TV support site(avs forum is great 3rd party site) as well as the Xbox site. I hate it when things happen like that out of the blue when it was fine before. Anyways good luck with that, hopefully Xbox does an update to address soon you're probably not the only one

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@Alucard_Prime: yeah, Google's it a few days back and LG has had Dolby Vision support issues and has been slow to address and improve them, and saw a headline the other day saying XB1 S/X users have been experiencing some issues, suggesting issue might be both mix of TV and the Dolby Vision update, thankfully the standard 4K and UHD outputs have worked the same, I just am not using Netflix in meantime as that's only app using DV

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They've only just released Dolby Vision support on XB1, so I'm sure they'll address it. Just make sure you either ring support to let them know or create a thread on the Support forums so they know.

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@lamprey263: Cool that you have a workaround for now. I remember from all the research I did last year before getting my 4K Samsung, I researched LG a lot and they have an overall excellent reputation with gamers. I don't remember all the details, but at first their HDR mode introduced extra input lag, however shortly afterwards they updated OLED models to compensate for that and reduce input lag with HDR, they did the update to accommodate gamers basically, as I understand it.

Similar thing happened with my Samsung TV, an annoying workaround I had to do each time for their low-latency game mode, as it did not save picture settings properly when switching to HDR so basically every time I wanted to play an HDR game in Game-mode, I had to manually adjust the picture setting. After a few months they finally resolved it with a firmware update, and I don't need a workaround anymore, works great now. Hopefully LG will do something similar, and also as per what @hrt_rulz01 said

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I just cancelled my Netflix account in the end, I tried adjusting to their standard HD mode hoping that would kick out use of Dolby Vision but it didn't, the Dolby Vision is baked into the UI so that didn't help in the end. The other TVS in house are linked to my brothers account so it's not like I am without access, I can use it there to watch some of the shows, just sad it came to this after a decade of having a Netflix account.

I called support and the rep said he'd write something in the preview program feedback for me. I would try myself to make a support thread in normal support but it's a void.