Does Gamestop accept broken controllers?

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I have one broken official wired 360 controller and another semi working official wired one that'll disconnect every once in awhile. I was just wondering if they would accept these? I don't care howmuch money I get so don't tell me to sell somewhere else.

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#2 Posted by Ashatar (259 posts) -

call them that's the best way to know

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You mean Gamestop? And I would say no
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The only places you could sell them are either a local swap meet or ebay. Gamestop or any other retailer won't want em.
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No. Retailers don't want to buy broken good off customers. :P
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Call your local Gamestop. I'd imagine they wouldn't give you money for a damaged controller... wouldn't make sense
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You mean Gamestop? And I would say noLegolas_Katarn
yeah sorry
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they won't buy my working ds with the hinges broken (so it opens and closes too easily)


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The creative spirit in me would unscrew the casing and design/paint something on them.

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they might take it but if you go back there you might be banned cause they will know you cheated them into giving them broken controllers. also on the semi broken controller try turning the vibration off, i found that it helps not disconnect so often.