Do you feel Microsoft may bring back mandatory kinect?

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I would hate to see that happen imo. I enjoy my xb1 without it just fine. What's your opinion on this?

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I thought it still was mandatory? Can you now buy xbox one without kinect bundled in at a cheaper cost

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Every xbox one comes with a kinect, they are not selling xbox ones without kinect. I doubt they would make it mandatory to have kinect plugged in for the xbox to work. Remember Microsoft took a PR beating because of its policy's. I doubt they want to revisit those PR woes by reintroducing their highly unpopular policy's.

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To be honest sometimes I think about the same thing. Imagine Microsoft decide to bring back some of their old policies, nothing is stopping them if they decide to do so because we have all agreed to the terms and conditions which state things can be changed at any time. However I don't see them doing it, especially when it can affect sales.

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I think they wont force Kinect to be required to be on at all times, but I don't know this for sure. However, I hope they keep the Kinect in every box. The issue the Xbox 360 had originally was without having a hard drive as standard, developers would not make games that required one due to a split user base (this has changed of course and you get games like Halo 4 that require installs). This would be the same issue for the Xbox One, if there is a console without Kinect it means developers are less likely to use the full hardware package to full potential (I.e we may not see games that push Kinect and make it something worth having). It is short on games now, but I feel with it being there as an option then it is more likely going to be used than not.

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Microsoft wants to appeal to everyone... no need to make kinect mandatory, if somebody likes it they can use it and not all games require it..... just like the VR Headset they will probably release, I'd think that they would want to set the precedence that accessories are not require to play the xbox. they want to keep core console gamers at its core. lol

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Yeah I always wonder if they would go back and force kinect. Everyone can agree it would boost their sales if they took kinect out and dropped the price. I understand they are trying to appeal to every kind of gamer and developers will utilize it, if it's in every box. I despise kinect and absolutely hate it, but more people enjoying games the better no matter how they are played. Just dont force it.

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I'm pretty sure everyone would stop complaining about the Kinect if they dropped the price to $399.99

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@a55a55inx said:

I'm pretty sure everyone would stop complaining about the Kinect if they dropped the price to $399.99

Personally speaking, I still wouldn't want it. I do not like the device and it's pointless for me. It'd help sell quite a bit if it dropped to $400, that I won't doubt.

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The Problem with Kinect is that its useless. make a hundred games for it then we'l talk about mandate.

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It'll return as will all the DRM. They wouldn't be Microsoft if they didn't screw you over after you gave them your money.