Do people still play team fortress 2?

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Do people still play it?

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#2 Posted by Drakebunny (3029 posts) -

The last time I tried it was 1 year ago or so, and I found a near full game pretty fast. I wouldn't be sure as to know though.

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TF2 is best played on the pc on Steam rather than the xbox. It gets no patches and updates ETC. MS was a bit too greedy to do it for free I think....
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Only on PC. I'd say all Valve games are better on PC because of Steam. Had an orange box for 360 but sold it soon after seeing no updates coming out for TF2.
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I don't know if anyone still plays it on the Xbox, but it's still hugely popular on the PC (probably because there's at least ten times as much content on the PC version). I'd just get the PC version, if you can.
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Do people still play it?

on 360? not that many, most people play it on the pc.
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Dude, that is one of my favorite games of all time. It's my "summer" game. I just chill, play with some friends. We always have a great time.
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If you want to play TF2 it's best to get it on PC since way more people play it and all the updates it has and shouldn't take much to run. Last time I tried playing it on 360 there wasn't exactly a lot of people.

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Not to many i think.

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I usually play on Steam (PC) and have no problems finding matches. I tired last night on the xBox (since I was playing HL2 for achievements) and couldn't even find one game running. Looks like Steam's the way to go if you want to play. (I actually found this question since I was wondering if it was network problems or the community on the xBox was dead.)