Digital Pre-Loading now available on Xbox One

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At long last we get this, but depending on your region, it is not all good news. I'm part of EA access so I am downloading Madden NFL 2015 right now, it is supposedly a trial that I can play for 6 hours, but the file size is over 14 GB, so it seems to me it is pretty much the entire game they are giving me access to(possibly with some restrictions, I am not sure about that part), which is pretty damn cool.

The bad news, for me anyways, is that in the store, the description states "You may download this game from Xbox Live before then, but it will not be playable until 12:01 PDT or 3:01 EST on release date" people in the Eastern Time Zone like me will not be able to get digital pre-loaded games at midgnight, but rather a bit later at 3 am(I'm talking about the full game now, after the 6 hours end, and for other future games).

Sucks, but most games release on Tuesdays during work days anyways, so it's not like I could play that much after 12:00. Still cool they added it, many games release on Fridays sometimes, and I could still wake up and try out the game on launch day instead of waiting for the download to progress. Glad they are adding all these updates so quickly, it's just icing on the cake.