Critically Acclaimed "Fight Night Champion" now backwards compatible

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One of the most well received boxing games is now BC on Xbox One. Known for being one of the grittiest boxing games, with a story campaign mode as well, here is a little excerpt from its Wikipedia listing:

"The game takes a drastic turn from its predecessors, depicting a "grittier", "darker" setting with animations and player damage that "truly conveys the brutality of the sport of boxing." The violence and strong language in the game's story mode earned it a Mature rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, the first and so far the only EA Sports title to do so

The game was officially revealed on 7 July 2010 at an EA Sports studio showcase. The game is the first EA Sports game to feature a full Hollywood-inspired story mode, called Champion Mode. The story follows the career of Andre Bishop, a talented boxer, who is forced to overcome great setbacks including a prison sentence and a corrupt fight promoter. Champion Mode is intended to further convey the brutality and hardship of the sport of boxing."

Sounds cool, I wouldn't mind trying it out, not that many good boxing games this Gen it seems.

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Now only if they can get the first Saint's Row game.

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As I have never tried the game and only tried past Fight Night installments,I am hoping EA starts making a sequel to FNC.I'm hoping it lands on Xbox Game Pass,being a last generation game I don't want to purchase it as I only buy current generation games. But at the same time,EA might not touch a pro boxing game again,simply because pro boxing is a dying sport.In my opinion UFC is taking over the pro fighting sport?

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@brimmul777: yeah it seemed that recently it was mostly UFC titles, when I was looking for recent boxing game reviews, I would mostly find the UFC titles.

On a side note this game is kicking my ass, playing on Pro difficulty only and died a few times on the 2nd fight, maybe I should switch to Amateur lol. I Remember playing a boxing game last gen, but I don't think it was this one. Controls nicely though and graphics hold up well

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I think there's still a big market for a boxing game to be released. Loved fight night last gen didn't think it sold too badly so surprised there's been no talk of another.

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I've never played it but it sounds great. XBC is a blessing!

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At the time of the launch of x360, my jaw dropped playing Fight Night round 3. Glad to see any fight night at all on BC XB1. Super hype for this, now to find back an old copy for a reasonable price.

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I'd rather Fight Night Round 3