Controller won't sync...

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#1 Posted by siletsteve24 (273 posts) -

One day it just decided not to sync up to my xbox.

And no, Im not retarded. I know the little button ontop of the controller and the button under the memory units do, and I tried that many times.

All the controller does when I do that, the xbox has the look like it found it, but it doesnt connect and the controller lights just keep blinking...

Any suggestions or help? Or should I just buy a whole new one...

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#2 Posted by miless (715 posts) -

Did you drop it or get it wet?
Does the controller shut down after about a minute?If so try with some good fresh batteries (Duracell or varta) if it keeps doing that there might be something wrong with the power supply thingies

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#3 Posted by siletsteve24 (273 posts) -

I dont think it got wet, It just gave out one day and I haven't had success connecting it ever since.

The plug and play wire wont even work so...I

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#4 Posted by miless (715 posts) -

well something burned out i guess it could be as simple as a diode or something or could be as serious as the connectivity

Also if you used a cable from a Play and charge kit with the battery out that could damage the controller

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#5 Posted by Tenshikage (25 posts) -

Dude!!! I have fixed this issue.

The problem is the RF module on your console.
Good thing I had a broken xbox 360 laying around cause that was what happen to my new xbox.
So i google the mess..found the problem..had the RF module replaced from my old broken xbox
and after installing it. I turn on the sucker and sync it with my worn out xbox controller and bam!
it connected like magic.

Hope this helps.

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#6 Posted by LittleEnid (552 posts) -

I couldn't get mine to sync up after I got the RROD and got it repaired. I finally figured out I had to hold down the sync button on the controller for like 8 seconds. I felt like a moron afterwards.