Complete List 4 Player Offline Multiplayer Games XBox 360

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Basically I went through nearly every game for xbox 360 in the xbox catalog on to see if it said 1-4 players offline. Then i cross-referenced that info with gamespot for both a confirmation of 1-4 players offline and a rank mainly based on the gamespot score. The list may be missing some stuff and may not be 100% accurate but I can guarantee that each of these games is listed on either gamespot or as having 1-4 player offline competive and/or cooperative modes.

For the most part i did not include sports games, cards games, or puzzle games.


* = rank of 8.5 or more

- = rank of < 5

no sign = anything in between

*Alien Homnid HD - Live
Baja Edge of Control
Band of Bugs
Battle Star Galactica
-Beijing 2008
*Bomberman Live - Live
*Call of Duty: World at War
Call of Duty 3
Call of Duty 4
Commanders Attack of the Genos
Conflict Denied Ops
Dead or Alive 4
Eets Chowdown - Live
Elements of Destruction - Live
-Fantastic four
Feedin Frenzy 2 - Live
Fusion Frenzy 2
Geometry Wars 2
Golf: Tee it Up
-Guilty Gear 2
*Halo 3
Hail to the Chimp
Heavy Weapon - Live
Karaoke Revolution: American Idol
Kung Fu Panda
-Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal
*Marvel Ultimate Alliance
-Mad Tracks
Madagascar 2
Marathon:Durandul - Live
Monopoly (Couldn't find any info on this, but i just figured it could be 4 players)

Monster Madness
N+ - Live
*Perfect Dark Zero
-Pirates vs Ninjas - Live
Rayman Raving Rabbits
Rocketmen - Live
-Rocky and Bullwinkle
Rumble Roses XX
Scene iT: Box office smash
Scente it: Lights, Camera, Action
Sega Superstars Tennis
Tenchu: Shadow Assault
Skate 2
Small Arms - Live
Smash Court Tennis 3
SpongeBob SquarePants Underpants Slam - Live
Street Trace: NYC
Surf's Up
*Tales of Vesperia (gamespot reports this as 1 player, everywhere else reports it as 1-4)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Live
The Lord Of the Rings Conquest (don't think this is out yet)
Thrillville: Off the Rails
Ticket to Ride
*Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Track & Field - Live
Uno Rush - Live
*Viva Pinata
Viva Pinanta Trouble in Paradise
Viva Pinata Party Animals (note that this installment recieved a considerably lower score than the other 2. A 5.5, bah )
Wik: The Fable of Souls (1-4 players or 1-3 players, getting different information)
-Wits and Wagers
-You're in the Movies

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This is actually useful THANKS :D
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Theres also Left 4 Dead.
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left 4 dead offline is only 2 players under 1 system which is one of the reasons i returned it.

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nice list! i wonder if it should include sports titles? I have had a blast playing nhl 2k6 and nba 2k6 with 4 people on the same console.
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resprects on the list, still only a couple good games for xbox that allows for multiplayer offline. and Left 4 dead is awful, its lef "4" dead and its a 2 player game...doesnt make any sense.
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Nice list man... I wish we could have more cool games with split-4... its damn fun

halo its the best exemple, imo

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Thanks for the list, appreciate it. I wish more games did it like Halo and CoD.
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nice list but theres quite a few you missed
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COD2 alsdo has 4 player split screen
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You forgot that Call Of Duty 4 is above 8.5
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nice list
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Castle Crashers? Nice list!
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Left 4 Dead HAS to only be 2 player offline, because of the split screen. There's so many enemies coming at you from different angles that you wouldn't be able to see if it were 4 person split screen. I also can't imagine it being offline multiplayer in a single screen because there are times you have to split from the group for strategic reasons.

I think Left 4 Dead is a GREAT game, and the 2 player offline is really fun, because the AI characters always have your back, and you don't have to have theirs. Even though they can't take part in strategy, they're still nice to have.

I admit, it WOULD be fun to have 4 player offline, but I just can't see how it's possible.

Castle Crashers is a fun little multiplayer offline too.

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There are only a few awesome games in there.. but that is quite a list
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ryhthm games?
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you must of been pretty bored.
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Thanks for the list! I fill my house weekly with 3 friends to play offline split-screen games. unfortunately there are only a couple worth while. Wish more games would invest in it.
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players The Ghost Recon games both have 1-4 players offline.
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Thanks for the list.
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I'm 99.9% sure that every game is 1 player offline and I'm also pretty sure that most of these games don't have more than 2 player offline play with 1 console.
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This is random but thank you lol pretty helpful +10 Rep If it Existed on gamespot!
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Nice list man, how long did it take you?
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Theres also Left 4 Dead.lilasianwonder
Only 2 players offline
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If you get bored again, you should split the list into 1-4 co-op vs 1-4 competitive. There's a huge difference. Any way, It's a good start for a person like me looking for another good 4 player co-op. There aren't enough in the world and you can only play marvel ultimate alliance with your friends so many times :)
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Forgot Blur dude
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Forgot Blur dudekiller_beanz

was just about to post that,

add BLUR to your list

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[QUOTE="killer_beanz"]Forgot Blur dudeNoDzombie

was just about to post that,

add BLUR to your list

Great game, must have for racer fans IMO. Mario Kart+ Real Cars= Win
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Looking for the best 4 player game that doesn't involve shooting people and doesn't need Kinect. . Having a kids party and need to keep it clean but fun. Kids are from 9-11. Any suggestions
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Another great game with 4 Player Offline splitscreen is The Club. It has oldschool, 2-4 player splitscreen deathmatch, team deathmatch and other modes. It has sharp graphics, a solid amount of levels, a huge gun selection and the gameplay is just fast paced, violent shootouts. The splitscreen multi reminds me of a Mature third person version of Goldeneye deathmatches that I used to have on N64. I recommend it to anyone who likes action games and/or 3 to 4 player splitscreen games. And I agree with everyone here who said that Blur should be added to the local multiplayer list as well. (The Club is from the same developer, Bizarre Creations)

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