Can you rob the bank in GTA IV (like in Kane and Lynch multiplayer mode)

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#1 Posted by chansaet (6206 posts) -
When I was watching the video review for infamous Kane and Lynch review the only part which looks interesting was robbing the bank online. GTA IV I think this mode would work really well in GTA IV. Heck SP robbing the bank would be fun
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#2 Posted by stormwalkerx (110 posts) -
I am not sure. Buying it anyway, if it does not have it8)
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#3 Posted by Hulkness (1271 posts) -
It should although im not getting it but you could in Saints Row so it would be cool to have in GTA.
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I dont think you can constantly rob banks. However they have confirmed a HEAT-esqe mission in the game. Which I am stoked for! From the OXM-UK review they said it makes Kane and Lynch look like crap so.
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#5 Posted by Thomasdeleo (1978 posts) -
Wonder if you can rob a 7-11, that would be cool.
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yes u can. if you watch the 4th trailer analysis on gametrailers. it reveals that the guys in skii masks are niko and some friends robbing a bank in one mission. idk if u can on a regular basis though.
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#7 Posted by Dyer93 (25 posts) -
you could rob "some" stores in the GTA games before
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#8 Posted by zero9167 (14554 posts) -
there's a cops n' robbers mode in mutliplayer for up to 16 players
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[QUOTE="Thomasdeleo"]Wonder if you can rob a 7-11, that would be cool.Agvkrioni

my father died in a Seven-Eleven hold up.


was it cool?

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#11 Posted by volcomstoner180 (4410 posts) -

this game is gonna rule life

ill rob bank all day if you can, but i think its gonna be only certain missions

imagine if you needed cash you could rob banks tho...that would be cool

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Don't care I am still going to pick it up, I already pre-ordered gta4 special edition
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well you could in "the Godfather", even if it was very simple and easy, if they do it in GTA4 i hope they make it its own thing and make it very complex (but still fun)
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I agree with you i-rock-socks. I hope they do it, but I hope they get semi-realistic in that you have to carefully regulate the amount of evidence you leave behind. Like disable security, block security cameras, wear gloves and a mask, dress like Jacqueline Kennedy, use untraceable or stolen weapons, etc. THEN you have to watch the hostages, get the codes for the vault from the bank manager (he might be a prick and make sure you do it all within 2 minutes or the cops will arrive. Also avoid the ink bombs or you'll have to kill everyone. Boy I hate that...Agvkrioni

you have a real penchant for sarcasm, so thats leads to the question, why post anything if its just goin to be childish garbage like all your other posts?