Can X1 Kinect work in a room separate than console?

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I mean here's the deal - I'm going to have an Xbox One in my living room and I'm going to use it mostly there, but I'm also going to have a good gaming 1080p monitor in my study which is separated through not so thick wall and obviously I'm going to drill it through and use a longer HDMI cable so that I could seamlessly switch between these places whenever the TV will be occupied by my wife.

Would Kinect work in adjacent room, other than the room where the console is?

I'm asking because I'd rather move Kinect from room to room than the console, as it surely would defeat the purpose of the set-up I'd like to go for.

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As long as the Kinect is still plugged into the console I don't see why not, but how will go about doing that?

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sounds like you need another Xbone!!

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You don't have to use the kinect, but as long as it's plugged in I don't see why not. The cable is about 9' long if that helps.

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This setup would work, but I don't see how you would bring the Kinect from one room to the other without going through a ton of hassle. You can still play games without using the Kinect, but if you want to utilize the sensor, this setup wouldn't be ideal.

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Just unplug the Kinect.