Can't Wait for XBONE, Still Frustrated at 360

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This would happen to me...

Like many of us XBOX owners, I've had a RROD before. The first was taken care of by MS in the early days, no issues. A few years later I bought a second system for my household, the older black Elite, and it succumbed to RROD after the warranty expired. I replaced that with the Slim Elite model without second thought. I play the system frequently enough to justify it as an entertainment expense.

Today I see that Best Buy is offering $100 system trade in credit! Woo hoo! I still use both systems daily (Old Elite for Netflix/Workout videos in kids play room and the Slim for gaming in main living room) and when I went to workout in the kids room, this older, replaced system just RROD. @!#$&*@!*^! There goes a hundred dollars I was going to use to towards XBOX One, literally tomorrow.

I'm ready for the next gen and am glad to get past 360, even with the thousands of hours I've put in it since day 1. Friday can't come soon enough!

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Yeah not the best memories to look back on but having said that I won't ever forget the enjoyment the Xbox 360 gave me, whether it was playing a favorite game, looking forward to seeing another achievement pop up or just chatting with friends on Xbox Live. Lest We Forget.

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I'm still keeping my "main" working system. But damn, I would have loved to save $100. That would have gone to an extra controller, game maybe?

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True you'd be $100 better off than you are now with a faulty console. And how much do repairs cost and are their any third party companies that repair them? Get a quick fix and trade that sucker in with all of It's games you'd be bound to get more then $100 that way.

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I'm keeping my xbox 360 because there are a few games I want to play.

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I sold my ps3 about 3 weeks ago, and for the first time in all of my console's, i couldn't wait to see the back of it. For some reason i just couldn't get into last gen as much as i really wanted to. I love my consoles but there was something about the 360 and ps3 that didn't quite sit right with me personally.

I had the 360 first and was one of the extreme unlucky one's and had 4 RROD on me in about 3 years. Afterwards i moved to ps3 but i could never get into the exclusives on it, the only one i really enjoyed was the last of us which i completed in two day's i enjoyed it that much.

I just really hope that next gen delivers not just on graphics as i believe they don't make a game but are always nice to look at, but games just felt to small and not as imaginative as what came before, but with the likes of the witcher 3 really looking like they are now expanding in size and scope, they have got me really excited for next gen (Both the X1 and PS$).

I can't wait to see what both console's deliver. Roll on the 22nd and forza 5.

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Ya the RRoD was lame, i wish i knew about it when i bought my 360 I would have waited for the later models I think i went through 3-4 Xbox 360 -_- Luckily I had a PC Wii DS to keep playing games for the time the xbox was away.

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Yeah definitely ready for The Xbox One. I just got 360 last year for Christmas and realized the exclusive library wasn't what I expected it to have been. Hopefully that will change this time around. It looks better than PS4 launch so far so lets see if they keep the momentum. Lets do this!

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