Can I use Xbox Live 14-day trail code with Existing Account?

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#1 Posted by SupaKoopaTroopa (361 posts) -

I have a Xbox Live account, it has no time left on it.

I bought a new Xbox, haven't got it in the mail yet (so I can't test this for myself yet).

I have a 14-day trial code.

Can I use the code with my existing Xbox Live account, or do I have to buy a new subscription? Is it only for New members?

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#2 Posted by Ovirew (8195 posts) -

Ah, ye plan on walkin' the infamous Fourteen-Day Trail, eh? ...Never heard of it. XD

Anyway, I am pretty sure I used trial codes before after I'd already purchased and used up subscription time. ...Why don't you give it a shot? You don't have a lot to lose here do you?