Buying Xbox One Controller for my PC. Good time?

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I don't have an Xbox One yet, but I will be buying one by the end of the year. I do have quite a backlog of PC games that I want to play with a controller and I saw that MS recently released the support for Xbox One controllers on PC.

Has anyone used it yet? Does it work well? And does it make the Xbox One controller compatible with all the games that used to use the Xbox 360 controller?

Specifically, I'm referencing the first two Arkham games and the first two Witcher games.

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There shouldn't be any issues using the Xbox One controller for PC. You just need to download the driver then plug and play. Although I can't comment on the games you specifically listed, according to this tidbit from the beginning of an article, the Xbox One controller should work with any PC game that previously supported the 360 controller:

Any Steam and Windows game that supports standard XInput works great. I've played Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite and both worked wonderfully. Everything works smoothly and even vibration feedback is supported.
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Yeah you're good to go.

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I have a spare controller that I use for PC and it works flawless. If you have Win8 it automatically sets it up all you have to do is start the game and play.

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I actually use my Titanfall controller for the PC lol

But it's a nice controller for the PC for sure. Works well.

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I'm using a wireless 360 controller for PC and it's perfect. Can't speak for the Xbox One version, presumably better, dunno? Can you get better than perfect? Anyway if you just want a really good controller to tide you over the 360 version is just fine.

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so I can play marvel heroes with X1 control? can it be wireless or do I need to have it plugged in ?

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@jesser7 said:


so I can play marvel heroes with X1 control? can it be wireless or do I need to have it plugged in ?

No I use a wire but it works with any micro usb cable I use my old phone charger for playing on pc. But it works with any game even older games.

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The Xbox One controller is the greatest controller ever created in my opinion. It's as if it was custom designed for me lol. I don't know if the rumble triggers will work with PC, but in Forza they are almost game-changers.

However, if you are used to the 360 controller, you will go through an adjustment period - particularly when it comes to the L/R bumpers, as they are meant to be pressed differently now. You're supposed to press down on them using the mid-point(or upper-mid point) of your index fingers(that's how it is with me ayways, guess it depends on the size of your hands) rather than using the tip of your index fingers as it was on the 360......but I guess that could vary from person to person.

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ok. koo I just started playing marvel heroes 2 days ago and was trying to get control sync to pc. what is youre profile name on marvel heroes. im jester. follow me

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I own an Xbone, but I'm still using a 360 controller and PS3 controller for my PC. Leave my Xbone controller as new as possible.