Black screen few seconds then returns.

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I have recently got a monitor to play my 360 on:

Samsung syncmaster 22" 2253bw.

I am playing it on a hdmi to dvi cable from here:

And have the sound on some speakers with the component cable.

When I have been playing call of duty world at war online I get moments where the screen will go black for a few seconds maybe 1-3 and then returns to normal. The screen does not turn off but stays on. I also have had this problem on gears of war but haven't played it much since.

When I plugged it into my old tv again I played for around 10-15 mins with no problems.

I don't think it is the disk but it has happened since I moved my xbox. I moved it with a disk in while it was off (yeah, I forgot) and I accidently turned it upside down. I then got 3 red rings for a while so unplugged everything and tilted it so if the disk had came out inside it would place itself back in. It then worked fine like normal.

This makes me think there is either something wrong with the xbox or the cable, probably the cable. The monitor is having no problems on my computer which is why I think this. I don't play offline much but it seems to happen online and I haven't had it on the dashboard yet, nor when watching it on my telivison downstairs with the standard cable (after the upside down incident and red ring)

I think the red ring was because something wasn't in properly or something so yeah...

I'm stumped on what it is and have seen a few other people with the problem but not using dvi and using different tv's and monitors.

Anyone got a fix for it?

Btw my xbox is running on 1680x1050 which is native resolution on the monitor.

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I just started experiencing the same thing with Borderlands on my 4 month old Elite. The other day it was doing it like every 5-10 minutes, black screen for 3 or so seconds. I could still hear the game, but couldnt see anything. Today I played for 2 hours straight and it didnt happen once. Then I played again a few hours later and it happened again about 45 minutes in. I have my xbox 360 connected to a sony receiver via hdmi, the receiver does hdmi switching to my tv.
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I have the same problem using VGA cables. It's the cable though (or the VGA port on my TV) because when I tinker with it on the back of my TV it works fine.
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I have been experiencing the same problem since i bought my t.v. over the summer. It has something to do with the HDMI cables i bought for it. I haven't figured out how to fix it, but i know if i fidget with the cables it does in numerous times in a row so i know its the cable hookup.