Best Xbox 360 Co-Op games?

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#1 Posted by Nightfallspy_10 (29 posts) -
Hey, I just had to send my 360 for repairs, and in the meantime im doing research on what new games to get. I have friends over all the time. And I have 4 controllers so I'll be able to play 4 player. So tell me, what are the best xbox 360 co-op games? (Besides Gears and Halo :P ) Oh yeah, and by co-op I mean local co-op and not xbox live only co-op.
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#2 Posted by DK_Razgriz (96 posts) -

I personally really enjoyed playing Fable II co-op... haven't really played any recent releases co-op so that's as far as i can go

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#3 Posted by CaptainHarley (2703 posts) -
castle crashers. nothing comes even close for local co op. its hysterical.
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#4 Posted by bobdood99 (1862 posts) -
army of two is a ton of fun with coop... its 6.5 rating is from bad story and singleplayer isnt too good. but coop campaign is a blast!!
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#5 Posted by Foxtrot561 (494 posts) -
Resident Evil 5, Call of Duty WAW, and Left 4 Dead.
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#6 Posted by voodooline0110 (452 posts) -
L4D and RE5 when it comes out
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#8 Posted by jackelzx (820 posts) -
left 4 dead, rb6v is also gd
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#9 Posted by MsCortana (10564 posts) -

Army of Two and Mercenaries 2 are both great games in co op but mediocre if you attempt to play them by yourself!

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#10 Posted by vashkey (33784 posts) -
Of what I've played Halo 3, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Call of Duty World at War, Metal Slug 3 and Undertow all had pretty fun co-op.
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#11 Posted by brady_san (25 posts) -
i really liked rainbow six, and i also play nba live 09 alot with my friends that is great
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#12 Posted by TheGameCritic (176 posts) -
left 4 dead and castle crashers. the 4 player co-op is awesome!
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#13 Posted by buddy_head (110 posts) -
Left 4 Dead, hands-down. Maybe CoD: World at War, the zombie mode is pretty fun, but then again it's not really exclusive so I shouldn't mention it.
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#14 Posted by The_Sand_Man (6788 posts) -
Left 4 Dead is really fun when playing with 3 other people on co-op.
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#15 Posted by craigalan23 (15879 posts) -

left 4 dead and castle crashers. the 4 player co-op is awesome!TheGameCritic

These are my favorite and Halo 3 is pretty fun too.

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#16 Posted by R_MAHIL (1120 posts) -
left 4 dead
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#17 Posted by skullflower (1774 posts) -
Castle Crashers is just pure fun. I own L4D on the PC, but I imagine it's just as fun on the 360 aswell with a friend. RE5 is shaping up to have a good CO-OP.
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#18 Posted by whisperingmute (1116 posts) -
Kane and Lynch is a pretty good Co-op game.
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#19 Posted by Dawq902 (6796 posts) -
Resident Evil 5, Call of Duty WAW, and Left 4 Dead.Foxtrot561
agree completely here, RE% better be good or else I'm wasting $60