Best wireless router for 360?

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Hello All....

My wireless router is dying....has anyone found an XBOX 360 compatiblewireless router that has run smoothly?


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hands down, Airport Extreme.
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I had a linksys wireless g, but because of our setup at our house, I was getting sporadic signal strength - it would be 4 green bars one moment, 1 red the next with incredible lag playing COD4. So I took a chance and got a D-link wireless N router at Best Buy (I didn't get the most expensive one). At the time I got it, there weren't any N routers on M$'s supported router list, however, it works perfectly. Open NAT out of the box, and I've never seen less than a 3-bar signal strength. And set-up was super-easy.
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The guy at Gamestop recommende a Linksys "super G"...I went to the Best Buy website...alot of people liked it, alot of people had tons of trouble, but, I guess thats with any router. I have a Netgear at the moment, I dont know if Ishould switch brands or not.


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I have the Linksys Super G ( I think) and have no issues with it. On one game, I had to change my NAT settings, but that was it.
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Do not keep NetGear! It killed my dog *sobs* then it robbed me!!
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I have a Netgear and my 360 has a great signal full green bars all the time,
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I have the D-Link DGL 4500, Wirelesa/b/g/n and gigabit ethernet router, it kicks ass. If i had my own internet instead of sharing on a college server it would be alot faster but when barely anyones using it i neverh ave any problems, its awesome, gotta love the gamefuel setting