best way to clean inside my xbox 360

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so many of my games just freeze, it always says can not read disk and the disks are fine with no scratches at all... what is the best way to clean inside my 360, mabey a disk cleaner thing... what do ya got for me, any help would be appreciated thanks... oh i got a cat and 2 dogs so i'm sure thats the problem, just gotta clean it... thanks...
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Not sure about cleaning inside it but i would try this first....clearing the cache. It will remove software updates but that is no big deal because once you put a game disc in it will just install any updates again if the game has any.

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yeah, i'm told that a cleaning disk is like the worst thing you could do to your x360. If anything, check the x360 website for help. Then again, you could always wait until your x360 dies, and you could send it in to microsoft (if you have a warranty).