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I've been pretty bored lately and i've been looking for a cheap rpg to kill my time. I was wondering what some of the best rpg's for the xbox 360 are that aren't elder scrolls or fallout. Thanks!

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Any of the Elder Scrolls are GREAT! They have great stories and intriguiging lore and worlds. You can't talk about RPG's without mentioning them. Oblivion and Skyrim are on 360 but my personal favorite is Morrowind on the original Xbox but works on 360.

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Try Mass Effect or Witcher 2

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Dark Souls games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Fable series

Mass Effect Series

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Dragon's Dogma

The Witcher 2

Dragon Age

Just to name a few.

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1 dark souls 2 2 tales of vesperia 3 dark souls 4 skyrim 5 ME series 6 fallout 3 and vegas 7 lost odyssey 8 the witcher 2 9 amalur 10 final 13 series 11 oblivion 12 blue dragon 13 dragon age1&2 14 fable trilogy 15 dragon dogma

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Fable 2

witcher 2

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You want a game that will last? are you sure man?......yeah? okay?

Try Lost Odyssey, but be prepared. Its taken some around 90+ hours just to finish the main story alone. Other than that try Fallout New Vegas or Dark souls

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An RPG which I really enjoyed playing on Xbox 360 was "FABLE 2."

A colorful world, colorful cast of characters, with a great story, great action and a nice sense of humor!

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Since you said don't mention the Fallout of Elder Scrolls games which are great games.

Just to name a few that I have played are...

South Park: The Stick of Truth, any of the Mass Effect games, Dragon's Dogma, The Witcher 2, the first Dragon Age game, Borderlands games which do have rpg like elements, Dungeon Siege III, and Diablo 3.

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Lost Odyssey was mentioned, that is one I have not played and heard it is really good. Made by the guy who worked on all the old snes FF games, he also made The Last Story.

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Dragon Age and Mass Effect are really good RPGs if you are not interested in the Elder Scrolls

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Have to agree with Lost Odyssey, came out ages ago and was not marketed very well but was a thoroughly enjoyable RPG. That and Dragon Age origins I found to be the best RPG's of the 360 era. Mass Effect is good, however do not consider it traditional RPG experience, that being said the ME 2 is a must play game.

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I'm not sure you could whole heartedly call it an rpg, but Mass Effect 2. If not then Lost Odysey

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As many have said lost odyssey is a great jrpg if that what you are looking for. Mass effect is also great but not a traditional rpg. Lost odyssey was best jrpg of last gen for me.

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Any of the Elder Scrolls. Pick up a used copy of Skyrim for hours of blissfully wasted time

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Lost Odyssey

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The Witcher 2 . Of course 360 version isn't as good as PC one but it is great game to look into for 360 if you don't own a PC .

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Here's some that people have not mentioned.

Kingdoms of Amalur, Two Worlds 2, Risen 1&2, and Dragons Dogma.

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Almost all of the Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim, a new one is South Park: The Stick of Truth. It's pretty cool.