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#1 Posted by panaicman66 (31 posts) -

Every time i play BF4 it crashes my 360.

I've downloaded both disc's and the update, but still it crashes.

I've spoken to others who are having this issue, are there any one on here having the same issue?

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#2 Posted by bumsonfire (250 posts) -

I dont seem to have this issue. Do you have a scratched disc, an old Xbox, an Xbox with just plain problems or a full hard drive? PM me back.

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On my Xbox 360 version,I can't connect to EA servers.I tried to uninstall both CD game,but it still won't work.Is anyone else having issues like us.I 'm seriously pulling my hair out.I'm afraid I won't be able to play Battlefield 4 on my Xbox 360 again.Please reply.Thank You.

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#4 Posted by DrD3V1L (2064 posts) -

I have the exact same issues with crashing, sometimes it can happen 3-4 times a night, it's so frustrating!!!! it seems to like happening towards the end of a match, a match in-which I've got 10,000+ points and consequently lose the lot!!! RAGE!

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are these dedicated servers?