Batman Arkham Origins Save File Vanished

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So yesterday I turned on my Xbox to continue playing through the campaign and I found that my save file had been deleted somehow. Like...each save file just said "empty". This isn't the first time I've resumed playing this game after stopping, so I don't know why it just decided to disappear this time. I live alone so it's not like someone walked in and deleted it out of spite or whatever. I was at the first(?) Deathstroke fight and he kept kicking my ass so I waited till it resumed the game after my previous death and then turned the system off.

I realize there's probably nothing to be done except for starting over again, but has anyone else had a problem like this or know if there's a solution?


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There have been issues revolving around the save file for Origins that I've heard from a number of players. There isn't a fix currently, although the developers are working on fixing the issue.