Are you happy with your Xbox? Next gen consoles question.

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#1 Posted by V3rciS (2236 posts) -

Well... 360 has been around for quite a few years now. What I wanted to ask is... are actually happy with your console or maybe you regret it?

In case you're happy with it, could you provide more details what exactly do you like in your Xbox that other platforms simply failed to deliver?

In case you're not happy care to explain what would you like your xbox to include that it doesn't?

Also in the next gen are you considering to get the next Xbox or will you jump to another platform?

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#2 Posted by V4LENT1NE (12901 posts) -
I have been happy with my Xbox 360 ever since I bought one at launch, great games, and Xbox Live is amazing. The only letdown has been hardware failure which I have been a victim of many times. Even so I will definitely be getting the new Xbox for sure and I am guessing all my friends will be to.
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#3 Posted by Flamingpostman (1172 posts) -

Im happy with it. ive had xbox since the launch of the original xbox....and im still a fan. but a next gen console would be awsome.

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#4 Posted by ShadowMoses900 (17081 posts) -

My Xbox barely works, I mainly got it for Oblivion though because that game was so amazing. I didn't pay for XBL so games like Halo were worthless to me, and having to many system problems turned me off the system. I heard the Slim models are much more improved, but I ended up switching to PS3 and just didn't have any interest in the Xbox system anymore.

For next Xbox if MS wants me to buy one, they will have to offer exclusives that appeal more to me and a system that doesn't break down. Also free online would be nice, I'm not going to pay for online, period. Outside of Witcher 2 and Gears, I don't care for most 360 exclusives. But that's all subjective in the end.

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#5 Posted by KBFloYd (18664 posts) -

its a very nice system... i bought mine in Red ring of death...

i dont know if i will buy the 720.... i have to see what games and stuff are avialable first..

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#6 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -

Very much happy with it but the successor should be here by now. 8 years is pushing it; I've been using the 360 as a yearly Halo and Assassin's Creed machine since 2009 with some occasional Gears, Crysis and XBLA games thrown in, with each year it's getting harder and harder to be impressed by anything. I will get the 720 or whatever they call it, 6 months - 1 year after launch.

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#7 Posted by tribalTox (803 posts) -

I'm happy with my Xbox. I bought one in 2006 (It broke down twice and had to be repaired) but last year I bought the holiday bundle because I wanted a newer version and wasn't too sure how much longer my older one would hold up.

My older one wasn't being used, and my wife has wanted a Wii, so I did a straight up trade for a Wii.

I haven't really thought about the "next gen console(s)", or which one I will get, just because I don't know the details. More than likely when the new consoles come out, I'll probably get a PS3, buy games for cheap and invest my gaming money into a half decent PC.

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#8 Posted by MathMattS (4012 posts) -

I love my XBox 360. I'll definitely be getting Microsoft's next console.

Although exclusives don't make a console good, they do help. I love the Halo series. The first Mass Effect used to be exclusive to the 360 as far as consoles go. I think the ME series should have stayed exclusive. Other great exclusive games I like are Alan Wake and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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#9 Posted by -Vulpix- (2518 posts) -

Yep, I don't have any regrets of getting the system even if it is for exlusive titles. And I like the other two systems as well.

As for next gen not sure what I'll be getting have to see what games they put on them do know I'll eventually get Nintendo Wii U, as to whether the Playstation 4 or Xbox 720 not sure yet.

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#10 Posted by CTR360 (8409 posts) -
i love my xbox 360 i hope have job continue on xbox next
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#11 Posted by NoDzombie (1482 posts) -

im perfectly happy with my 360, so happy that im not actually bothered about a next gen console really, not yet anyway

when they do finally show it off, my opinion might change if its amazing

but even if it is i still wont be buying one straight away, will be waiting at least 6 months for both a price cut and to make sure there are no hardware problems like the RROD

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#13 Posted by V3rciS (2236 posts) -

Well I'm pretty happy with mine as well.


*The controller is way better than PS or Wii... it's much more ergonomic and feels great in your hands

*I like the games that are released on xbox... (my only regrets are God of War, Heavy Rain, Uncharted)

*I prefer the UI of xbox, the Xbox Live is much better than the equivalent of PS. Easier to use and stuff.

*Achievments the way the work on Xbox


*Lack of Blu Ray

*You have to pay for Xbox Live

Also I'll be getting the next gen Xbox, but I'm kinda curious about PS4. There's a chance I'll buy them both cause I own a PS vita at the moment! The only company that I will never give my money again is Nintendo! NEVER :)

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#14 Posted by JordanizPro (1912 posts) -

Im happy with it. I bought my 360 summer of 09 and eventhough i had some problems with the system i still like it

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#15 Posted by jsmoke03 (13696 posts) -

its a good console, but i don't know if i have gotten my moneys worth yet since mass effect ended up releasing on the ps3 and gears has been underwhelming.

i don't believe in being a fanboy about systems if there are games that are interesting for it, but they really need more exclusives. i'm going to pick up the next gen console, but not at launch and probably not going to be my first console becase of xbox live

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#16 Posted by konvikt_17 (22378 posts) -

love my 360. had it since 07. got RROD once.(power cord wasnt plugged into the 360 all the way)

ive done about 90% of my gaming on my 360.

love it.

just recently got the Halo 4 console to replace my old one.

i see myself using it for a while.

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#17 Posted by sukraj (27268 posts) -

yes i'm very happy with my 360.

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#18 Posted by Kage1 (6790 posts) -

Yeah I'm happy with it. It only took me 6 years to buy one. I might buy the next Xbox. I'll have to wait and see how the hardware stands up. I would never buy an Xbox anywhere near launch.

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#19 Posted by micheal82 (25 posts) -

I'm happy with my 360. Next gen for me will be the Wii-U along with the next Xbox.

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#20 Posted by Flubbbs (4836 posts) -

ill be buying the next gen xbox if they come with some new IPs

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#21 Posted by coasterguy65 (7133 posts) -

I'm very happy with my Xbox 360.

There's not enough info on the next Xbox for me to make a decision on it yet. Price, games available for it, how much of a focus will kinect be...etc. Right now I would say if I do buy a next gen console it will more than likely be the Xbox again. However I may just skip consoles and return to my PC roots next gen. Only time will tell.

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#22 Posted by Soulreavercross (19890 posts) -
I really don't know why there's a rush for next gen. The current generation is just fine for me and everything is at an affordable price point.
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#23 Posted by MarcRecon (8096 posts) -

Well... 360 has been around for quite a few years now. What I wanted to ask is... are actually happy with your console or maybe you regret it?

In case you're happy with it, could you provide more details what exactly do you like in your Xbox that other platforms simply failed to deliver?

In case you're not happy care to explain what would you like your xbox to include that it doesn't?

Also in the next gen are you considering to get the next Xbox or will you jump to another platform?


"YES" I am happy with my 360 and my "OTHER" console I have no complaints about either! The exclusives are the main reason I love my 360 and the quality and selection of the arcade games. Now as far as next-gen is concerned I'll need more info to decide whether "IF" or when I'll buy a next-gen console.

To be honest I'm really not pressed about next-gen because I feel like theirs alot of gaming left to do this-gen!!!

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#24 Posted by Husko (162 posts) -
Bought my first Xbox about four months ago. I've had a ps3 since 2010. Before that I was a hard core PC gamer for about 15 years, but I've stopped that pc monkey business for good and only use a PC for work. The Xbox is a nice change from my ps3 experience and I'm really having fun playing the exclusives for Xbox. I've come to understand why many people like the Xbox controller. It fits so naturally in my hand, it's nice! I believe it is a quality machine. I don't like paying for multiplayer, but I do anyway. I'll also add that read dead redemption was the reason I switched to console and left the PCM behind. In fact I hope I never have a game pc again lol. I recently downloaded rdr from Xbox because of the holiday sale and it is true that the quality of graphics is much better. Same for skyrim too, as I got that with the new system. Will I buy the next Xbox? Hell ya! And the next playstation also. Just neve hope I get back into PC gaming as its such a waste of money on hardware, and I've become very good using a console controller.
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#25 Posted by boredom_kills (190 posts) -

I picked up my 360 in '07 after seeing Halo 3 running on it, and NEEDING one on the spot. I've never had an RROD, and have since replaced that original one with 2 250gb slims - one for the lounge and one for the games room. It's the only console I've ever bought more than one of in my life, and in some ways I'll be sad to see it superceded. So many great games have been released this generation - the bar has been set incredibly high for the next one. I'll pick up the next Xbox though, without doubt.

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#26 Posted by Killrnut (119 posts) -

Yes, very happy with it. Have made some good friends and had plenty of good experiences.

I don't mind paying for XBL yet, but they really need a massive overhaul of the design and add some new features. The current design is very clunky.

and yes, i do plan on getting the next one, it just might not be right away

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#27 Posted by Bigboi500 (35550 posts) -

I'm pretty much done with Microsoft consoles after the 360. I've enjoyed it along with the original Xbox, but the lack of exclusives that appeal to me and the cost of playing online have all helped me decide to go elsewhere. I just ordered Halo 4 online and it's probably my last new game purchase for the system.

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#28 Posted by NirdBerd (2113 posts) -

I am happy with it, in fact, I'm extremely happy I bought one. I got an Elite in 2008 and it's still working.. God only knows how many hours I've been playing it for and still counting, the amount of games on my 'get list' for this console is massive and is only growing bigger everytime I find more games I wasn't aware of or ones that are coming out.

I don't think I'll even get the next Xbox console whatever year it's released in, because there's loads of games on the 360 already.

Oh yeah and I love the controller, probably my favourite - I 'upgraded' to the Arkham City edition 360 controller though, feels a lot more comfy and the buttons feel better

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#29 Posted by FeiYenKen (247 posts) -

Yes I am quite happy for what games it has got. And everything else. I see nothing new in Next-Gen. It looks all the same but hopefully some new IP's or games will come to it. But i'll be moving to PC Gaming soon. In 4 years I might buy a Next-Gen console.

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#30 Posted by JodileGamers (27 posts) -

Maybe I'll change to SONY, cuz when I bought xbox I was not counting in playing MP, but right now, the costs of XBLGold are keeping making me have a lil regret in having bought an Xbox :)

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#32 Posted by ollybradshaw (25 posts) -
I am happy with my HD250GB XBOX console. I haven't had any problems *touches wood* with hardware, and I have bought plenty of brilliant titles for it. I had 3 white xbox consoles beforehand, all of them red-ringed within a was insane. I won't be buying the next gen console due to XBL and the attitudes of MS regarding their customers on XBL - I would rather pay nothing to play online and have good service than pay £40 a year to play online and have choppy services and bad customer support.
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#33 Posted by wizdom (10109 posts) -
I am happy with 360, but I will admit it is time for MS to release a new system asap, there aren't that many exclusive games I want to play for it coming out next year.
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#35 Posted by marinevetstl (174 posts) -
I went through 7 xbox 360 consoles. So, eh - no is my answer. I may buy another one just to play all the xbla games I have downloaded and bought but that is it.
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#36 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -

I enjoy the 360 a lot but I'm not sure if I'll be getting the next one right now. It really depends on whether Microsoft tries forcing Kinect down our throats next gen. If they force it onto us, then forget it, I'm not getting it. If they make it an optional add-on, then I won't have a problem and will probably get the next Xbox. In any case we won't have to wait long to find out now, E3 is only 6 months away.

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#37 Posted by Celldrax (15035 posts) -

I've been happy with it. I only got one RROD on the 360 pro I had, but no problems since getting my elite a few years ago. And honestly, the only reason I don't have any other current gen consoles is because I just simply don't play games as much anymore. It would just be a waste of money otherwise. So yeah, I'll probably just stick with Xbox for the next round of consoles as well (if I decide it'll be worth my time to delve into the next generation of consoles. I've honestly been spending most of my time on the PC lately).

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#38 Posted by badlalo59 (901 posts) -

The 360 has run it's course with me. I'll be moving on to the next generation. Hope theres improvements though.

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#39 Posted by Yoshi9000 (479 posts) -

I have no regrets with my xbox, I had a blast playing halo 3 with friends in parties. I feel like though, it's time to move on. If microsoft doesn't pull any other exclusive games for next xbox besides halo and gears, I'm getting into the playstation. You can only play so much of a series till you get bored of it.

The last games I feel are worth playing before the next xbox are lost odyssey, mass effect, witcher 2, alan wake, and catherine, but some of those are multiplat anyway, so if my xbox breaks, I'd rather move onto the playstation.

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#40 Posted by V3rciS (2236 posts) -

I went through 7 xbox 360 consoles. So, eh - no is my answer. I may buy another one just to play all the xbla games I have downloaded and bought but that is it.marinevetstl

Hmm... 7 consoles, dude that's harsh! I guess you've just been unlucky. I've bought only one in 2007 and still works perfect for me, no damage on controllers, nothing!

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#41 Posted by the__joker (6013 posts) -

I wont buy anything on launch day after seeing the failures the 360 and ps3 had with their systems.

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#42 Posted by Floridaman46 (259 posts) -

YES. I bought my X-360 in 2008. I love it and it has not RROD on me. I have NO interest in the X-720. Zero interest. There are still a lot of 360 Games that I have not played yet.

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#43 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

was for a while but, but that year as gone down hell.

done with xbox. they will have to do something GREAT next gen bring me back I still play it but like 1-2 twice a week and thats really say hey to my good friends

DONE with xbox gold. it's sorta joke. never paid more then $35 for it but, you really don't get what u really should for the price. Sure download speeds are much faster then ps3 but everything else is bla...

IF they want to continue charging they need do something make it worth it...

pc from here on out...

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#44 Posted by Skinon (121 posts) -

I have had mine since the start, only upgrading to get the latest model really... Now i have a 250gb Elite. I also have a 60gb PS3 that has a dead fan, but i will be getting that fixed.

I want to get a awesome gaming pc aswell for strategy games and so forth. I spose I collect games, mainly xbox i have over 180 which i will keep with a good cond xbox for the rest of my life haha.

I don't understand why people hate on other consoles and platforms, I just like good games. I think the whole system wars debate is pathetic and really shows what basic humans are like, be it cars or sports or anything. It's all the same and brings out a certain type of human. We all know the type!

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#45 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1651 posts) -

I will only get the Xbox 720 for Halo 5 and Halo 6. Their Campaigns to be more specific. If Halo 5 isnt a Launch Title then I will wait. Im done with Microsoft currently. Back with Nintendo and the Wii U for the 8th Gen.

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#46 Posted by XxStCardinalxX (42 posts) -

Wasn't happy with my first two thats for sure. My 3rd one seems to be finally built right.

The only real beef I have with Xbox is that I have to pay what $70 for a year of live. And then I have to pay for a bunch of other crap from apps to themes. If Microsoft is good at anything its taking my f'in money!

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#47 Posted by SpeccsOps (63 posts) -

I've played the Wii, PS3 and the 360, and the best by far was the xbox. So, based on my previous experiences, i have high hopes for the 720 and will most likely be buying it, but definintely about 6 months after launch. Theyre way too expensive otherwise.

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#48 Posted by Sh4rk82 (25 posts) -
I'am quite happy whit my xbox360! That I have now it's the third!!! the first two are broken!... three Red led! the time has come that microsoft releases a new adn more power console. Actually the hardware it's come on the limit!
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#49 Posted by Quaker-w00ts (1646 posts) -

I'm essentially happy with the xbox as a console but I wont be buying Xbox Live at all if it returns next gen. I understand that it mite only be $6/month but it's the principle. I don't feel obligated to pay to play when it comes to things that are free on competing consoles.

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#50 Posted by V3rciS (2236 posts) -

I will only get the Xbox 720 for Halo 5 and Halo 6. Their Campaigns to be more specific. If Halo 5 isnt a Launch Title then I will wait. Im done with Microsoft currently. Back with Nintendo and the Wii U for the 8th Gen.


So you regret sticking with xbox for the 7th gen then? Dude I'm pretty sure you did well and avoided the original Wii!