Are 1TB USB portable hard drives compatible with the XBOX 360?

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Hello, I would like to watch films, TV series and listen to music on my XBOX 360 using a 1TB portable hard drive. I'm currently using a 32GB USB pen formatted to FAT32. It's too small though. As I have over 500GB worth of material. If I format the 1TB hard drive to FAT32 and connect it to the XBOX 360 using the USB cable. Will I then be able to watch films, TV series and listen to music through the XBOX 360? Is there a size limit on disk size which can be successfully read by the XBOX 360 or not? I already know only the FAT32 format can be read by the 360. PS: To the moron moderator who deleted my first post. The XBOX 360 has two USB ports if you didn't notice. I'm enquiring about a feature and what that feature can, and can't support on the XBOX 360. Hence why this is an XBOX 360 question and thus posted in the XBOX 360 forum.
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no . 32 gigs is the max for flash cards and unless you modify which i cant discuss how or what to do , due to tos and other matters, your only options are for the 


phat -20 60 120 250 

for the slim

250 or 320 gigs,  those are your options 

or up to 32 gigs on flash card that is compatible

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I use my 500gb USB drive on my xbox 360, so I see no reason a 1tb wouldn't work. The only trick is you have to format it into FAT 32, but most FAT 32 formatter's also limit the partition size to 32gb, so you have to do some digging to find one that has no limit. It took a long time to format as well, so don't be put off if it does. Sorry but I don't remember the name of what I used, but they're out there, just did it about a month ago. Also remember that FAT 32 won't support files larger then 4gb, so if you have any large files they won't be recognized. Here's hoping the next-gen ditches the FAT32

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My "APOLOGIES" for the "contradiction" to the post by BOTH YOU AND MARIO CART, however I MUST interject about that comment regarding the 32gb flash being the "maximum," as a friend of mine has successfully flashed a 256gb, and I personally have successfully flashed 128GB! So I don't know where exactly this idea of a 32Gb "max" is coming from unless there's some other "special perimeters" someplace that I am unaware of as it pertains to the 360. My friend did it with the Uiec for his Commodore Computer and I did mine for my PSP-3000 just for the "record."