Any xbox 360 gamertags suggestions?

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I'm looking for a new gamertag. My current one is VocalicSpark62 (made from xbox). I am looking for a creative and funny gamertag. My friends is Mrs Tess Tickle and I want something funny like that.

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Good Hodgkins, like when in Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry was confused someone died because he thought they (as well as Charlie on Party of Five) had "good Hodgkins" (it was actually non-Hodgkin's lymphoma). Making someone see "you were killed by Good Hodgkins" in an online shooter could be funny. If the One gave people a chance to change their tag for free, I might've tried this.

Or MsChanandlerBong (the name Chandler Bing's TV Guide was actually sent to), though in truth I would be stunned if someone doesn't have that yet. (When I got my 360 in 2008 the first tag I tried was Bob Sacamano, Kramer's never-seen friend, but it was taken, so pop-culture ones go quickly unless they're from less famous franchises)

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