Any new Tenchu games coming out?

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#1 Posted by FuegoPeef (94 posts) -
I thought Tenchu Z was kinda bad but im a big tenchu fan and i wanted to know if there would be another one coming out soon.(Not PSP games)
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#2 Posted by Strife88 (6073 posts) -
The last gen games looked good, but from what I saw at a friends house for the 360 one, I don't think they plan on making a new one. They'll probably lose money off of it.
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#3 Posted by mfp16 (4551 posts) -
I think the terribleness of Tenchu Z was the kiss of death for the franshise (which really sucks) - I really like the genre.
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#4 Posted by Raivon (188 posts) -
Maybe in another 2 years .
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#5 Posted by XboxOwnsPs3 (397 posts) -
am i the only one that enoyed Tenchu Z?
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#6 Posted by Strife88 (6073 posts) -
probably, it looked really weak.
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#7 Posted by mtradr43 (5272 posts) -
did they even make any money on the last one? it was god awful
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#8 Posted by kozzy1234 (35966 posts) -
I still enjoy playing Tenchu Z :P
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#9 Posted by eo12601 (4814 posts) -

am i the only one that enoyed Tenchu Z?XboxOwnsPs3

I had some fun with the demo...but not nearly enough to justify a purchase.

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#10 Posted by kozzy1234 (35966 posts) -

[QUOTE="XboxOwnsPs3"]am i the only one that enoyed Tenchu Z?eo12601

I had some fun with the demo...but not nearly enough to justify a purchase.

I hated the demo but enjoyed the full game.

The level in the demo is the worst level out of close to 100 levels.

its really a shame they had to puit the very worst level in the demo.

The games not amazing, but its very fun if you enjoy playing it stealth style

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#11 Posted by _RA0_ (855 posts) -
probably, will come out on next generation console.
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#12 Posted by Demon_God (248 posts) -

I read somewhere that Capcom bought out the company so maybe they will make a better one. Tenchu Z didnt look next gen at all it was tragic :(

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#13 Posted by AtlanticRock (8131 posts) -

True Ninja story of Tenchu:

Ryu from Ninja Gaiden cut him in half.

Then Raiden from MGS blew one piece to bits.

While, Naruto summoned a giant frog that swallowed the other half whole.

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#14 Posted by ultralesus (917 posts) -

My brother had Tenchu Z for a while but sold it because it wasn't really his thing... I loved it. Played it more then he did, but then I like Tenchu PSP. I'm a bit of a Tenchu fanboy, so my opinion is bias.

Anyone still play it online? If they do, I might consider buying it myself when I get my new 360.

On topic: Nothings been confirmed, but I doubt Z will be the last we see of Tenchu,

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#15 Posted by blue_tape (2868 posts) -
The first Tenchu was epic. Since then, the series has gone steadily gone downhill, each iteration worse than the last. Such a shame.
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#16 Posted by FuegoPeef (94 posts) -
Thanks for the info evryone.
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#17 Posted by VD_Demon-101 (3186 posts) -

Tenchu Z was fun --- People went in thinking Ninja Gaiden.

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#18 Posted by gamer082009 (6679 posts) -

I dont understand why the good different unique games don't get the next gen treatment..I mean games like Tenchu, Syphon Filter, Twisted Metal and the list goes on and on. Now I would love to see a new Tenchu game with next gen graphics, controll scheme, and enemy ai. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a next gen Tenchu game...but I won't hold my breath!

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#19 Posted by Increment360 (25 posts) -

I've been playing Tenchu snce 1999 last time around it was Tnechu Z on the 360.

I don't have the Wii console 'n I'm not about the get one either so I kinda hope they launched the next one the 360.

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#20 Posted by BLAS1AN (3500 posts) -

Its sad that Tenchu didnt evolve on the 360. Tenchu Z ruined the series for me.

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#21 Posted by narog84 (1126 posts) -

there is no tenchu in the horizon cos the people that own the franchise see tenchu z as a fail , i like it

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#22 Posted by Dudewrsmygame (382 posts) -

That was a good question i really missed the genre, alsoanother game i'd like to see returnis shinobido i really think it was good except for some really annoying glitches.

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#23 Posted by TheSnowmanSaint (30 posts) -

Ugh I wish they would just come out with a new game, I love Tenchu Z. Its so badass, have a blast with friends on there. Truly that game is better experienced within the co-op sessions you can have up to three other people that's pretty badass, running around four ninja? Hell yeah. I do wish that you could level up though within co-op as in unlocking items and things, only can do that in single player. I really hope they decide on a next game, hopefully this time around a bit better on the customization of the ninja. As in, different weapons and things I enjoy the ninjato but I would love to pick different ninjato in general to kind of upgrade if you will.

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#24 Posted by FrankHuranku (25 posts) -
I just got done swearing at the follow Echigoya mission, still cussin after 5 years, love that game. I don't understand why people have said the game has gotten worse, have you played Tenchu 1 lately. The only major things that are lacking are a more detailed storyline & diversity in the level design. The controls were pretty good in Z, but the graphics always seem to be a generation behind. I hope Capcom releases the greatest damn Tenchu game ever, Capcom rarely lets people down. This particular game type has pretty much been cornerd. How many sneak & kill games are there...Metal Gear Solid & this...with ninjas....THIS. It's why I will buy every Tenchu Game for the 360 that ever gets released. You can see my insane laundry list of ideas for a possible ledgendary Tenchu game at
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#25 Posted by MusashiSensi (9584 posts) -

The last Tenchu I played was Wrath of Heaven 9which was a good game). I think Ninja Gaiden & Naruto pretty much put Tenchu to rest.

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#26 Posted by 00-Riddick-00 (18884 posts) -
No. And thank god.
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#27 Posted by zombiejonny (8277 posts) -

I haven't heard anything about a new tenchu game the last one i played was the one on the wii and it wasn't bad. If they plan to make another game similar to tenchu z then they shouldn't even bother