Action-RPG "Vampyr" is now on Gamepass

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Just saw this earlier, my favorite single player game from last year, FYI for Gamepass subscribers. The game is not for everyone and has lots of slow pacing with dialogue choices you have to make that affect the outcome of the story and what happens with other townsfolk. There is some fun action as well & overall if you are a big fan of Vampire movies such as Interview with the Vampire or Bram Stoker's Dracula, you may really enjoy this game as I did.

The more you feed on people the quicker you can upgrade your skills to help you in the difficult combat, but doing so permanently changes the storyline and so the game constantly presents you which choices you have to make.

I enjoyed the story in this game, good writing overall and the main character is played by a solid voice actor. When I first started it, I basically thought "this is the kind of Vampire I want to be in this game" and that's how I approached it with respect to the choices I made afterwards, and I thought it was great in that sense because it gives you that freedom. There is even an achievement I think for not feeding on a single person the entire game.

I'm not a Gamepass subscriber but I'm glad to see it go onto the service so more people who are not able to play it for whatever reason can give it a chance. The other aspect of this game is that it's very rare to see a game like this on consoles, traditionally Vampire games are more on PC, and this is a rare kind of game on console.

It's also X-Enhanced

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I have it on disk so I can play it whenever which will probably be next year sometime.