AC3 on the cheap?

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So over 3 months after release the price of AC3 has dropped considerably, to the point where Blockbusters UK are now listing it at £18.39. theres been a lot of mixed opinions about AC3 often people regarding it as a massive disapointment. I've played every other title in the series and have on a whole enjoyed them with a few exceptions (Revelations), however i was unwilling to shell out full price for a game surrounded with such negativity.

But is it worth a punt at this budget price or am i still just wasting my money?

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I'd say it's worth it. AC3 was still a good game, even if it wasn't better than the previous games.

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i as well have played every other game in the series and enjoyed all of them very much but with this one i just wasent feeling it sadly, but there are people who did so you might. id say give it try.

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It's a little disappointing but worth it. I'd rank it below II & Brotherhood and above 1 & Revelations. Most of the negativity comes from the glitches and the (very) slow start, so be prepared for that.
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Dark Knight vs Dark Knight Rises. Will you buy? Basically AC2 vs AC3.