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The following was sent to RESPAWN to gain attention and followers for a developer to make some steps in a direction some will hate, but the ugly truth... is needed.
Your support is requested.
Good afternoon, I know you guys are very busy, But I have not been able to get a single answer pertaining to my thread located here "http://www.respawn.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3785". I have asked on multiple occasions on various websites (IE. FB, twitter, forums) with no answers, not even a response.  I feel as this question is very valid but it seems as if this question is being swept under the rug as not to not approach the question itself, but rather deter heat and flames over this "touchy" subject and also endless debate.  I have invested more then enough money on games to be let down alongside a fellow gamer on PC for the (sorry for putting it literal) *** poor support for PC port overs after Cod:4. No dedicated severs, means we have to rely on patches for anti hacking / spammers / ect ... Thus pushing PC gamers to consoles; Once again faced with *** poor support for Mouse and KB users forcing controllers or emulators to use M&KB on us. All I ask of your company is to help stand up for 2 points I am bringing up.  -Please be "that" company to start integrated support for M&KB on consoles. (People will use M&KB regardless with an emulator ((which I also own and use with just like PC performance)) and also have aim assist) Stand up and be bold, a company I am proud to buy a game from! -Please take PC users seriously, listen to our needs for dedicated servers. Be that company to revive PC FPS, (average PC users on Cod:Ghosts = 4,000; average Xbone users on Cod:Ghosts = 40,000). PC users play on PC for a reason, for control of the games they play, not to be lied to and told there are dedicated servers as Ghosts did for a marketing scam.  This email will be circulated as much as I can get it. Please listen to not only my views on this, but I'm sure the many others that will attach themselves looking for "that" company. - Jeff Arnold