360 won't read my disc

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#1 Posted by Jak_Skellington (25 posts) -
It won't read the 4th disc of Lost Odyssey. It either freezes, or it tells me to clean it and restart the console. But the disc is squeeky clean. Not a scratch or blemish on it. And as far as I can tell it plays my other games fine. What should I do
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I have a similar problem w/ my R6V2 disk, every time i put it in it tells me it is a DVD or something. I just open the tray, turn the disk to a dif position, and put it back in the 360 until it works. If that does not work check for scratches on the edge of the disk, that's what happend to my Mass Effect disk.

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Moving the disc seemed to work for a little bit, but it still froze after the first couple cut scenes
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What if I install it? How do you install games
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I am having the same problemwith my Fable II but it just crashes my system... do you think the systems are getting picky? cause all other video games work perfectly... just the game i have beeen waiting to play for a year....
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Crap, I can't install it either because it can't read it
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When i put my disc in the tray it starts reading the disc then stops and says open tray as if it hasn't got a game in and i have tryed everything i can think of at the moment, unplugged everything in my xbox and then plug it back in a few days later but nothing seems to work and i know its definitely not the disc because i have got new games. I would appreciate any help that you can offer me


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The 360 has a DVD kind of lens, You guys have to get the lens cleaned.
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Wow, I am having the same problem! No matter what game I play, it won't read the disc 0.0 When I play online though it is perfectly fine...
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It could be due to many reasons but one of the reason is that your DVD drive lens is getting dirty since 360 streams always from DVD drive it get weared out do a thing clean it with a lens cleaning disc, for 4-5 mins if it works then please post again.
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Well I had same problem with my 360, where I would put the disc in the tray and it would read it but then say open disc tray. So I called up Microsoft and they said it was the 360, so I sent in and they sent me a new one, and it was fixed. So in my opinion I would say your 360's are going bad. So call up Microsoft and see what they have to say.
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your disk drive might be trash you may have to buy a new 360 same happened to me but you may also be able to find someone who can repair your disk drive for you just look on craigslist
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I know how you guys feel, my 360 won't read any disc at all and I've tried using a lens cleaner. Thank God mine is still on warranty, so I'm sending my in to get fixed.
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here's wut works for me:

1. Put in game that doesnt read

2. put in NBA Live 2009

3.turn off console

4. turn on again

5. repeat until XB360 reads NBA live 09

6.all other games will now read

P.s if you don't have NBA Live 2009 buy it so your 360 will work (btw i dont play it any more, i just use it to make my 360 work)

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This happened to me this summer, and I googled it. What worked for me was opening the tray (with no game in the tray), and blowing into the system through there, very hard. Be careful not to spit. Blow very hard for like 30 seconds. They say dust get built up in there and can mess with things. It wouldn't read any of my games, but I did that and it has gone months without issue (knocks on wood).