3 racing games released in the past few days !

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lol.... racing game developers clearing their inventories before the Forza Horizon 4 monster arrives.....no, that is a low blow, just kidding..... but I noticed this and I don't think I am getting any of them.....if anyone wants to champion one of those games, maybe let us know why you are getting it, is there a really good one in here?.....I'm mostly curious about the first 2. I seriously doubt I am getting any of them though but I will probably read a few reviews later just in case.....the first 2 dropped today:

V-Rally 4

Super Street : The Game

Nascar Heat 3

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For V-Rally 4, I'm not too sure if I want to buy it or wait till price to drop down.

I used to play V-Rally 2 long time ago and it's totally amazing!.

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Guys this is crazy! you can get paid to play video games, check it out here https://theshreddedguy.com/professionalgamers.online/

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@mclarenmaster18: ok cool good to know I will read up more about it thanks....name sounds familiar but I don't remember if I played past titles

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And I will buy them all.

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Nothing interests it apart from Forza horizon 4 that has everything I need in a racing game.

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Not looking good for this one, not that I know this site well enough....but that is pretty harsh :

"Under no circumstances should you consider buying Super Street: The Game. Priced at £49.99/$59.99, it’s daylight robbery. It doesn’t matter that it has got a bucket load of customisation options, or that on Xbox One X it actually looks quite nice. It also doesn’t matter that as well as having a career mode, it has quick race options and both split-screen and online multiplayer. The core experience is just so unbelievably bad that it ruins anything that the game does have going for it. And believe me, I tried to like it. I restarted events time and time again, hoping that somehow something would click. But as I progressed further, all that awaited me was more anguish. Simply avoid this game at all costs."


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@Alucard_Prime: It doesn't matter to me i buy every racing game there is to buy, if only i could buy some time to play them all lol

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@i_p_daily: yeah time is a factor for me too, I would probably be buying at least one of those if had more time to play...some people on Steam liked the Super Street game so not everyone feels the same

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@Alucard_Prime: I will find some enjoyment out of it, even if that enjoyment is from smashing the disk because its horrendous :P

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Haven't played a Nascar game since my my Gamecube days. Used to play full damage and race length on career mode. Made for some tense 2 to 3 hour races. If the reviews are good I'll probably grab it after the holidays. With RDR2, FH4, BFV & X-mas coming up, my money is spoken for.

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Just got RGX:Showdown, it is pretty cool so far, online-only 1 vs 1 Futuristic Arcade racer. It was surprisingly made by Telltale, they do not usually make this type of game. I love how they incorporate all the Gamerpics into the game's tournament atmosphere. Cars are divided into different classes(similar to Forza) . You just pick a car from a class & play quick street races 1 vs 1 and climb the online rankings. Nothing fancy, very simple controls with a boost, quick races

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@Alucard_Prime:Did you not notice that it says Telltale publishing, and then Shortround Games?

So from that i take it Shortround are making it and Telltale are just publishing it.

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@i_p_daily:yeah sounds about right good point

Interesting little racer, there is a little mini game of sorts for the initial boost and then the race last about 60 seconds. Gameplay is responsive enough but very minimal however there is strategy in trying to save your boost near the end to cross the finish line first. Also, drafting behind your opponent gives a ton of boost. As you win races you go up the rankings and when the hour ends you claim your rewards based on your ranking position.

The idea is as soon as the hour finishes and rankings reset, you race as much as possible to keep accumulating wins so that when the hour finishes again you maximized your winnings, and get better rewards.

Anyways I just found the format of the game to be interesting, it's repetitive and there are better racers out there but I like trying new stuff....a little snack before FH4.

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My kid loves NASCAR, but can't handle the crashes (autism). Is there a NASCAR game for xbox360 that uses Connect that has a "no crash" mode?