2D Hit "Salt & Sanctuary" releasing Feb 6

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Good to know, released on other platforms in the past, finally releasing on XOne now. Its a dark 2D game that has similarities with the Dark Souls mechanics, I often heard people describe it as a 2D dark souls.

"Nearly three years later, Ska is bringing Salt and Sanctuary to Xbox One on February 6."


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Good news. I liked their past games so will play this one for sure. But I hope this is a sign of something else...

Ska Studios had good relationship with MS last gen, with the two Dishwasher games and Charlie Murder standing out. Though it was never mentioned whether Sony ties them down to exclusive deal that prohibited publishing on Xbox when it came to Salt and Sanctuary, I am wondering if possibly such a deal might have also prohibited the release of their XBLA titles on the BC catalog. I would love to see these games releases again for XB1, Dishwasher Vampire Smile especially was one of my favorites of theirs. I am surlrised neither have seen the light of day on the XB1 BC catalog. I know it's a stretch, but I hope Salt and Sanctuary releasing on XB1 might be sign that their XBLA titles from the Xbox 360 might soon follow by releasing on the BC catalog, if it really was the case Sony tied their hands and prohibited publishing on Xbox on the XB1 as part of an exclusivity arrangement.

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@lamprey263: Yeah Im glad it's finally coming and I also liked the Dishwasher games.

I could be wrong, but if I recall correctly, I do not think it was due to an exclusivity arrangement that it took this long, I remember reading it was because Microsoft ceased support for some kind of development tool, and the studio they had no choice to go elsewhere where that development tool was supported, I dont remember all the details but I'm pretty sure it was not an exclusive arrangement. Looks like they now found another way which is great