15 Games You've Never Played (Supposedly...)

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Hey all,

In the August Issue of the OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) they wrote an article titled "15 Great Games You've Never Played" highlighting 15 "unknown" or "overlooked" games.

I just wanted to know what you guys thought about this? Are these games really unknown or overlooked? Considering I own over half of them...

1) Singularity 2) Bioshock 2 3) Alan Wake 4) Catherine 5) Shadows of the Damned 6) The Saboteur 7) Nier 8) Spec Ops: The Line 9) Condemned 2 10) Bulletstorm 11) Too Human 12) Binary Domain 13) Tropico 4 14) Enslaved (Odyssey to the west) 15) Just Cause 2

Also could you guys could post your own suggestions of unknown or overlooked games for the Xbox 360?


Icy Grey

P.S To see whether or not they're right, I will be buying and playing all 15 games. I will then be doing a review over on my YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/TheIcyGrey

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lol. I've played all of them.

And Too Human is shit! How could anyone think that game is good?

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@vl4d_l3nin said:

lol. I've played all of them.

And Too Human is shit! How could anyone think that game is good?

Me too...also I agree Too Human was terrible. I think it got a 5.5/10 here, and a 65/100 at metacritic.

Shame too, it had a cool lore. I bought it at launch and sadly still own it but haven't played it in years.

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I have Singularity, BioShock 2, Catherine, Nier, Condemned 2, Bulletstorm, Binary Domain, Enslaved Odyssey to the west. So that is 8 games out of 15 that were "overlooked" The only game that I've bought new was Bulletstorm since it had the Gears of War 3 Beta. The rest I found in the discount bin.

These games are a decent buy for $9.99-$14.99 which is what I bought them for. I will have to try out the remaining 7 games on this list.

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Well if Microsoft didn't have Region issues then maybe I could play some of these games.....

Anyway... I've played Bioshock 2 and Bulletstorm.

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i play bioshock 2 alan wake 3 space ops the line 4 codemned 2 5 bulletstorm 6 binary domain 7 enslaved 8 just cause 2 i like all of them

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I've played 5 of them to completion and tried a couple others. My favorite of those games is Alan Wake.

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I've played 3 games off that list and must say they are on my personal list of favorite games of last-gen.

Alan Wake

Just Cause 2

Spec ops

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I've played;

alan wake, just cause, bulletstorm, enslaved and bioshock 2. I liked bioschock the most.

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Red Dead Redemption

Halo 3

Halo 4

Max Payne 3

Bioshock 2

Far Cry 2

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1) Singularity Never played

2) Bioshock 2 Played it, loved it.

3) Alan Wake Played it loved it

4) Catherine What ?

5) Shadows of the Damned again, what ?

6) The Saboteur Never played

7) Nier again what?

8) Spec Ops: The Line never played

9) Condemned 2 Never played

10) Bulletstorm Bought it never played it

11) Too Human never played

12) Binary Domain never played

13) Tropico 4 never played

14) Enslaved (Odyssey to the west ) never played

15) Just Cause 2 Played it, loved it.