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Seeing as this union is all about Table Top War-gaming(and role-playing like rogue trader) i was wondering if anyone here is involved with any other miniature producing companies. Im curious because there are some minis out there that have sparked my interest and was wondering if anyone collects/plays outside of GW.

two things i have been eyeing are Incursion and Wyrd *im more interested in Incursion out of the two

there are a few minis from Wyrd like this Rasputina that looks interesting and from the Incursion folks the U.S. Grunt Apes and some of the nazis have really caught my attention.

how about anyone else?

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Nope, I only know of Steampunk and some really small firms on the net other the GW.
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I used to play Silent Death (and still have all my stuff). That was published by the now defunct Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE). That was actually a very good game with its own well developed back story and a whole mess of expansions. I've played War Machine (by Privateer Press I think) although I never owned it (it was a decent game, but I liked most of the GW stuff better). I have and used to play Clan War (the Legend of the Five Rings minis game, made by AEG). I had a small to modest Crane Clan army. All my non-GW stuff never really took off though, just never got a lot of other people into other stuff. Silent Death was cool because I have a decent selection of ships and you could play it with a fairly small number of ships, so I could supply enough stuff for two.
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that sounds cool.

i can see why it would be hard to start up something else because GW has alot of players, appeals, etc...

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I just looked at the Incursion and Wyrd websites. Both look neat... especially Incursion looks pretty cool. I would just make sure you have someone (at least one to start with) who is going to play it with you before you buy it... unless you just want it to have it... I can relate to that too.
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it looks fun and i think i can get some interest in it at my local place if nobody hasnt yet.

if not i wouldnt mind picking up some minis from incursion

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An update on this one for you Hush... a buddy of mine came by the house the other day and he has been one of the play testers for Malifaux. He brought by his minis and book and explained the game to me. It is pretty neat. The models look very nice (very good sculpts that look just plain cool) and the mechanics are pretty good. One of the more attractive things about starting Malifaux is how few models you need. A starter set and a few blisters will give you a full average size army so to speak. The "horde" like faction (in terms of number of models needed) you'd need around like 10-14 minis for an average size force, and the "elitist" type faction you could have as few as 3-4 minis. An average balanced army would be like 8-9 minis.

Only thing that is going to be a "wait and see" element is how the expansions are when they come out (one should be out this summer if I'm not mistaken). The game has a lot of room for expansion, but will also need a lot of expansion to keep it fresh and competitive in the market.

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at comic/gaming shop the guy there showed me the malifaux stuff.

i ended up picking up a bounty hunter(she looks like dante from DMC) and another character named Rasputina. i painted up most of the bounty hunter and i have to say it's a fun diversion. they're great minis. i also want to try it one day if more people get into it.