What Game Are You Playing? (Legendary Edition)

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And once again I seem to be playing too many games at the same time on my current list
Nintendo 3DS/DS

Pokemon Y
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TIme
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Yoshi's New Island
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Heart Gold

Playstation 3
Enslaved Odyssey to the West
Drakengard 3
Watch Dogs
and getting online trophies to games, while working on my 28th platinum, which I plan on it being Enslaved Odyssey to the West

I also did buy DLC for Drakengard 3, which is the first game I've done that for.

As for online trophies I finished getting Red Dead Redemptions, and almost done with GTA 4 need 4 people for the remaining game modes.
Still not sure to whether or not I should continue Aliens vs Predator or Tom Clancy's Hawx. Other games I'm attempting are Brutal Legend, Assassin's Creed(all of them) And maybe after I get all of GTA 4 online trophies I might go after GTA 5 next. I also have other titles for online trophies I want to get as well. Wish Rayman Legends didn't have them only need 1 left on that one.

Too bad some online trophies are Time consuming like get to level 55, 42 or some other level.

As for Pokemon my strongest ones on Pokemon Y are Ninetales, Absol and Megain hanging around level 65 I think.

Also have Aerodactly, Tyrantrum and Flygon hanging around level 50.

Also bought Pokemon Battle Revelution and Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo Wii, managed to find Xenoblade Chronicles for $50 at gamestop.

As for Xbox 360 haven't played it much other then game demos. still want to buy Fable Anniversary sometime.

And as for E3 already planned on buying Wii U and PS4, but now I might get Xbox One as well at some point since I want to play Scale Bound and Phantom Dust. One on Xbox was one of my favorites as well.

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Haven't played anything lately, College is occupying most of my time, and then, Drawing requests from people in DA. Yeah.

Anyway I got to play Mass Effect 1 again because I feel like Nostalgic about it, might continue it until Mass Effect 3 for epic ME marathon. although I could see that will be too soon for now. College is a pain in my A**.

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So does anyone here have GTA 4 for Playstation 3?

Kind of need help doing Team Mafiya Work, Car Jack City and Team Car Jack City.

Plus, I'm kind of avoiding on asking gamefaqs, such a horrible site that is for sure, though it seems like I might have to do that after all.

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Hotline Miami might be my new favorite game ever.

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Replaying Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for the 3rd time, this playthrough, will be on Hard difficulty. need to collect them Garbs for happiness! I think this playthrough will be allot longer to finish since Mid-term and Finals is coming. >.< have to study or practice drawing since Architecture is mostly about Drawing.

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I'm pretty excited for Destiny

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@n33d2skate: Yeah Me too, I think it's probably gonna be the biggest Open world Shooter RPG yet! Plus Co-op Play. I love it, but I don't play Co-op games with some random guy. already got a Team.