Season 4 Episode 25/26: Twilight's Kingdom Part 1 and 2

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RIP in peace, treehouse.

There were some good feels to be had here.

Tirek was pretty fuckin' boss as a villain, and these episodes legit had me engaged all the way through.

I knew the ending would have to be rushed as all hell (which it was), but it almost felt like a true finale to the series. It was a somehow bittersweet feeling.

I think I also almost wet myself at the DBZ battle...

Oh yeah, it seems a lot of us were quite fooled into thinking Twilight would end up in the everfree castle. I really did not see that coming (well, until some slight spoilers from a few days ago).

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@Celldrax: They should've taken five episodes just to power up

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The first part was really meh, all set up and exposition, but the second part was a great pay off. Cool, if out of place, fight, and everything with Discord was well done, though it seemed like he deserved more of a punishment than he got.

And those Trix Yogurt ponies looked delicious.

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@meetroid8: I don't think they wanted to punish Discord since he realized he messed up. These ponies aren't going to hold grudges and punish someone after they've apologized.

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The fight scene is quite like Dragon Balls. lots of explosion no one is dying or even damaged. anyway the Finale is really great. although I was sure that the Box/Chest whatever it is that gave the mane 6 powers or Super Saiyan or something is surely forgettable, even my brother forgotten about it the whole season. but here's to Tirek. he's more powerful or more challenging than King Sombra.

What will happen to the F*CKING Library now! it's burned to ashes including the damn books!

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I'm also interested to know what will come of the library remains.

We'll no doubt see it (possibly for the last time) in the S5 premiere, so they'll either decide to eventually get rid of it completely or maybe even turn it into some sorta shrine thingy.

That is, if they haven't already completely written if off of the show (which makes me think, we're definitely gonna get completely new intro footage for S5)...

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It looked pretty freaking blown up. I expect we'll get a scene of Twilight checking out its remains as a kind of transition before she goes to her new gaudy, ugly tree castle thing.

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@meetroid8: People need to calm down with this whole library thing. Getting a little out of hand now.

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Meh. I'm disappointed. The new castle is ugly.

I don't care enough about Twilight enough to really care where she's living, though.

If the rest of the Mane 6 moved into the new castle, THEN I would be miffed.

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@meetroid8: They're writing a whole episode about Twilight moving from the treehouse to the castle. A whole episode. WHY