Season 4 Episode 19: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

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Probably my favourite episode in the last few weeks. The first half had a very S1 sort of feel to it (was refreshing, honestly).

Pretty warped dream sequence there with Luna vore canon nao

I was also quite stunned (but pleasantly so) to see they plan on keeping with some CMC continuity.

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I'm really quite fascinated to Princess Luna how She manipulate Dreams and futures. It's really interesting. thus She mentioned "I also got a sister who often shines more brightly than me" Well They better make an episode with Princess Celestia.

anyway. It's great. maybe I really liked the Princess Luna part.

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A Christmas Carol: Pony Edition

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I really enjoyed it. I've heard some say Sweetie Bell is unlikable here, but totally understood her feelings and reactions, and she made up for herself. Weird dream sequence, but it fit much better here than it did in Sleepless in Ponyville. I am, however, beginning to question Luna's obsession with watching children while they're sleeping.

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At least Princess Luna was in it took them long enough. Now wonder where Princess Celestia has been.