Will Solo Player--No PvP--Be Possible To Good Conclusion?

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Q: Though MMO, will The Elder Scrolls Online allow a Solo (single player--no groups) player to get through the entire game from beginning to a good-enough ending conclusion?

This is important to me because I've played the entire series up to now Single Player and it will be a game changer for me if I cannot continue successfully single player/solo. I'm not concerned about the monthly online charge so long as the game has an ending. If it month after month continues to draw me into further game play with no new content or replaying the entire game at a more difficult level just to reach new content, like Path of Exile does, I will lose interest.

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You can solo to max level but you can't solo the entire game. There is going to be content made for 3,5,20 or more people you'll need a group to see. From what I saw in Beta, it doesn't come up until later in the game.

When you talk about getting through the entire game in an MMO you're talking hundreds of hours. You're going to need to generate at least 3 characters to see all three faction's exclusive content. There are no credits, the game never ends because the world persists without you.

MMO's are designed to suck you in and keep you playing. They expect to put out new content on a regular basis and if you want to get to the best rewards, you can expect to put in a lot of time. There is no replaying the entire game at a higher difficulty level, MMO difficulty is fixed for everyone. It tends to be on the easy side because there is no such thing as saving your game in a persistent online world. If you do get killed though, it will never be cheap. You'll know exactly why you died and it will probably be because you tried something stupid. ;)

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I'm currently a level 11 high elf sorcerer playing solo.

So far i'm getting through all the quests just fine on my own, there are group quests but you can attempt them solo if you want, theres nothing stopping you from trying.

I suppose you can do the group dungeons when your significantly leveled higher than the enemies.

I think this game does offer a true role play experience like Skyrim ( not nearly as good though), you can explore, do quests, read books just like any other elderscrolls game, craft your own gear, enchantments and potions.

You can cook your own food and make you own drinks.

You character skill set is fully customisable, you can wear any kind of armour even if your a mage just like Skyrim.

You cant complete the game to the credits as this is a mmo, but you can reach max level 50 and do all the available quests, max your tradeskills, max your gear and thats about it solo.

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Have you been playing a beta? The game is being released this April, 2014. Have you enjoyed Solo. Have you actually reached level 50 as Solo only or how do you know that is possible?

Is joining any group as easily managed as it is in GW2? I played that for some time so I'm not opposed to having to join a group or get aid from others on occasion.

It will be interesting to see if ESO scores better with a monthly fee then GW2 scores with its one-time purchase--whether the look and feel is any better then GW2 for the money?

Any talk heard as to whether ESO is the end point of The Elder Scrolls saga or not? I suppose if the programmers have changed bases though that there won't be any single player Elder Scrolls VI?

I can put in a lot of work into this gaming genre but hundreds of hours later if there is still no final conclusion I will stop at some point--especially if I feel like I'm wasting away the monthly fee and absolutely if I'm paying extra for added content beyond the monthly fee. Even GW2 Solo after the final Group battle had a great point where one could quit and feel like they fulfilled 99% of the game. I hope I will be able to measure something like that with ESO too?


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Something else I need to focus on...

Will it be easy enough to stay away from PvP in ESO when so desired (99.9% of the time) like it was easily done in GW2?

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You do not need to play PvP at all, it's entirely optional.

as far as solo goes, it's very much like any other mmo - certain quests - often optional req groups, dungeons req groups but the main quests - and quests in general does not require any groups. You can absolutly get throuhg it to lvl 50 without having to group up even once -.though it will be slower, and your gear will suffer somewhat from it.

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@Ratsneve: I haven't heard any confirmation about future Elder Scrolls games in development, but I doubt that this will be the last one. This title was made by a separate studio from the other games in the series. Also, the choice to set the game 1000 years prior to the single player games should allow them to create new titles without breaking lore continuity. I haven't played TESO, I'm on the fence about it, but to my knowledge the pvp is consensual and not open world. Most mmo games can be played solo to level cap. Group content is part of the appeal of this type of game, but it is possible to avoid it.