Zoe Quinn Saga (Reddit, 4chan, ect being censored by mods)

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Watch this great video to fill yourself in. Game journalism is fucked.

Everything is on autodelete http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/2dz0gs/totalbiscuit_discusses_the_state_of_games/

Examples of censorship



So ya. This is hillarious. Here' a copy pasta about it .


Woman (Quinn) makes a flash based game (more of one of those text based choose your own adventure things) about battling depression

The game receives critical acclaim from gaming journalist websites, and makes its way onto Steam

Quinn's ex boyfriend releases chat logs about her cheating on him with various men

Some of these men are key players in gaming journalism, and are responsible for the positive press Quinn's game received

Mods of gaming forums including /r/gaming[1] , /r/Games[2] and 4chan's /v/ are removing all traces of this drama. At least one mod from /r/gaming[3] talked to Quinn on Twitter beforehand.

Bonus drama: All of her contact information is doxxed, she accuses 4chan. 4chan denies it claiming all the threads are being deleted so there was no way to organize it. Some people are accusing Quinn of doing it to herself to play the victim. She's faked similar harassments in the past using her "contacts". Apparently the doxxed information was fake anyway.

Can we just get all the information into one place, please?

Just want to see if mods delete this too.

I'll post links here as I see them :


Thanks /u/ RussellLawliet









response by /u/el_chupacupcake[13]

First a link to Reddit's site-wide rules

The top three are the most pertinent:

Keep Everyone Safe: You agree to not intentionally jeopardize the health and safety of others or yourself.

Keep Personal Information Off reddit: You agree to not post anyone's sensitive personal information that relates to that person's real world or online identity.

Do Not Incite Harm: You agree not to encourage harm against people.

Earlier this morning Zoe Quinn was Doxxed on Reddit. Though it did not originate here on /gaming, it found its way here eventually.

When Doxxing and witch hunts happen there are three things we are required to do:

ONE: Remove all offending content and report users up to Admin for ToS violations. Create automated methods to remove further Doxxing and threats.

TWO: Contact the person at threat to make sure they realize the situation, what Reddit is doing to ensure their safety, and that they know to contact Moderators and/or Admin regarding this situation. This is why I reached out via twitter. This is a rule I hold myself to personally, and personally advocate for. Admin do not require this explicitly.

THREE: Assess the initial point of the Witch hunt. If it's a problem, lock the thread entirely so any further breaches aren't possible.

These are procedures that must be followed. Even I don't get a say in the matter.

Currently we're having to remove a lot of posts and comments due to these three rules. We're getting throwaway accounts every few seconds, and those are hugely inflating the "deleted" numbers. We are doing our best to keep comments removed to only violations of these three rules (plus egregious violations of Rule 10). But they're happening at an alarming rate.

This meant that bullet point 3, "lock down the source" became a requirement. From that point on, any comment in that initial thread would be deleted by Reddit.

Again, that thread is locked by the system and so anything added -- good, bad or otherwise -- will be instantly removed.

That said, in the Total Biscuit thread currently on our front page, we are doing our best to ensure both human moderators and automoderator allow through non-threatening, non-witch hunting, non-doxxing information. Clearly a thread with over 9,000 different comments in it plus an automated solution is going to create a lot of false positives so if you feel your comment has been removed in error, please message us and we'll review and let through.

To be explicitly clear:

We are fine with you disliking whomever you want.

The rules do not protect anyone from criticism, bad press, or the likes.

If you feel Ms. Quinn's actions (alleged or fact) are deplorable, say so. If you feel her game is awful, expound on that. If you want to boycott her entire professional standing, that is your right within the terms of service.

Reddit, the automoderator, the gaming moderators, and I personally will do our best not to abridge negative discourse. But the posted rules, and the requirements of being a moderator here, make it very clear that we cannot allow /gaming to put another person's life in danger.

Users in /gaming (and elsewhere on Reddit) have done this before.

Users have singled out individuals to genuinely horrifying degrees. Reddit users have acted together to ruin people, gotten them fired from jobs that had nothing to even do with video games. We've had people arrested on false charges, threatened people's families and children, and in the process of doing this we have shown the worst of ourselves.

I have no stake in Ms. Quinn -- personally, professionally or otherwise. But I do have a stake in /gaming. And I don't like standing in between a community I care so much about and anyone it means harm.

I don't like having anyone level viscous and dismissive comments at a community of over 5 million users because a statistical handful believe it's fine to use the internet to threaten another human being. Nor do I like that any from our community would be that sort; I want to believe in the best of all of us.

So please, show you're better than that. Show your anger at the state of the video game industry, the trappings of publicity, and the lax state of games in general. But please, show it without making someone else fear for their life.

Next steps:

This is going to continue.

The backlash will keep on, and people will be upset with the original target, subsequent targets, other mods, even other users.

There will be a backlash to that backlash, and other people are going to see this as opportunity to be upset about a whole host of new issues.

I can only appeal to you and ask that you not witch hunt eachother, either. The same rules that look to people in the industry go just as much (if not doubly-so) for your fellow redditors.






Discuss here;




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an ex-boyfriend of hers wrote a long ass blog about all the people from the industry she has slept with for coverage for her game and then posted it on Twitter. And as always, someone from Kotaku is at the helm of this controversy. XD

If you wanna know more about the latest gaming scandal: http://thezoepost.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/act-1-the-cum-collage-may-not-be-entirely-accurate/


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Please keep the nastiness in this thread to a minimum.

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@charizard1605 said:

Please keep the nastiness in this thread to a minimum.

Why are you allowing it at all? Not only is it heresay and about someone's personal life, but you yourself have closed threads before because they have "nothing to do with SW". This is tangentially related AT BEST. Nice job, mod team.

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@mikhail said:

@charizard1605 said:

Please keep the nastiness in this thread to a minimum.

Why are you allowing it at all? Not only is it heresay and about someone's personal life, but you yourself have closed threads before because they have "nothing to do with SW". This is tangentially related AT BEST. Nice job, mod team.

It's a thread about games journalism, which in fact relates to video games, reviews, and other topics that do relate to System Wars. It's a messy topic, sure, but I like to think this board can be mature in discussing it. If it's not, sure, I'll go ahead and lock it.

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Actually, just going through the deleted posts, it's clear that 'maturity' isn't something that this board will exhibit with this topic, so... yeah, locked, I guess.