Your thoughts and predictions for upcoming Xbox X018 Event?

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#151 Posted by SecretPolice (35350 posts) -

Just wowzerzzz... Xbox Won... baby!!!

Thank you Phil, for the gamers... jazz. lol :P

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#152 Edited by WitIsWisdom (5248 posts) -

Well... that was shit. That fake crowd though... lol.

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#153 Posted by SchnabbleTab (1488 posts) -

@kenshiro3948 said:
@general_solo76 said:

Uneventful and boring are two words that come to mind. I’m not sure what the point of this event was.

Me neither. They didn't need a two hour even for the announcements. All the announcements could have been made on Twitter or a small Inside Xbox event.

They just got everyone hyped for nothing. I was believing some of the rumors that they had big announcements to make like Fable or a new Splinter Cell, nothing materialized. It was just one big Game Pass ad. At least Sony had the decency to cancel their event when they realized they didn't have anything to show. MS decided to go forward with their event and ended up wasting most people's time. They really need to organize themselves better, this aren't they type of moves I expect from a big company like MS.

Welp, good thing I didn't waste my time watching this. Better luck next E3 I guess.