Your favorite new IP from last gen?

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Demon's Souls or Uncharted I think.

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If the Batman Arkham series doesn't count then it's Darksiders. The game the God of War franchise wishes it could be. Seriously this game doesn't nearly get enough love.

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Batman Arkham followed by: Bioshock - Mass Effect - Alan Wake - Assassins Creed - Witcher

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the goat of us is the only right answer.

disregard any other answers op. 94% of these kids are autistic.

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Valkyria Chronicles and Mass Effect. I wish they would make more VC games and actually bring them over here...

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Mass Effect, then Dead Space, not the third game though.

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My favourite was uncharted, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like others just as much. You know, the mass effect, dead space and the likes

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Mass Effect by a light year or two. :P

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Demon's Souls

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Batman Arkham (If it counts as new)

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I think the Souls series really struck a chord. Maybe Bioshock.

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Truly new? Well...Witcher was created for novels, DCS is just extension of Flaming I would say overall Dishonored

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I can't choose one. Mass Effect, Arkham

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@AdobeArtist said:

Mass Effect is the landmark IP of last gen.

Honorable mention to Batman Arkham, Assassin's Creed, and Uncharted.

but I heard the ending was bad? is that true?

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Mass Effect and Bioshock are a tie for me!!

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1) Mass effect

2) gears of War

3) Dead space

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@shadiezz2012: "The Last of us,Demon Souls,Uncharted games,Batman games,Mass Effect and RDR

those games are above any thing else this gen for me"


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@Telekill said:

Uncharted hands down.

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Mass Effect.

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The Last of Us

Mass Effect


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Mass Effect no doubt, the trilogy is amazing

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@Telekill said:

Uncharted hands down.

yep gotta go with this one.

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@yokofox33 said:

Valkyria Chronicles and Mass Effect. I wish they would make more VC games and actually bring them over here...

I can't believe I forgot about VC.

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Not sure if Deus Ex: HR qualifies so I'll go with Dragon's Dogma.

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i was about to say monster hunter but then i remembered that it started on the PS2. it was a new IP for me though :). animal crossing was new for me also (last handheld gen).

mass effect, the world ends with you, xenoblade, batman (a very pleasent surprise), witcher (followed the first one for years before its release....thankfully they mostly delivered)....hard to pick a fav.

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Batman Arkham and Uncharted.

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  1. mass effect
  2. dragon age
  3. uncharted
  4. assassins creed
  5. Arkham games
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  • Vanquish
  • Batman Arkham
  • Dead Space

A bit off topic, but my favorite abandoned IP was Star Wars Battlefront

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Gears, Mass Effect, Dark Souls, and TLoU. Too many to just pick one.

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The Last of Us

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Witcher, Batman: Arkham Series and Dishonored

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1. The Witcher

2. Lost Odyssey

3. Stalker

*In no order*

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Mass Effect.

Honourable mentions to Batman Arkham, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Portal, and many, many more. What a great gen :D

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the souls series destroys all other options ,best new IP last gen and IMO the best series period.

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The Last of Us. Any other answer to me is unacceptable.

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Very close between Uncharted and Demon's/Dark Souls. But gotta go with the souls games.

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Mass Effect probably.