Xbox One vs PS4 - Helpful input appreciated

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I know the "Big Versus" discussion has been going on for quite a while now and I've had ample time to assess the situation, but I would very much like to hear the feedback of anyone who already owns a next-gen console system (XBONE or PS4) who is willing to share their thoughts so far. Positives and negatives alike are all welcome, just try and keep it informative

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Every Playstaion owner I have shown and played my Xbox One with, buys a Xbox One.

That thing has a tractor beam!

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You came to the right place, you're not going to get a biased opinion on System Wars, we're 110% objective.

But I say this to everyone, get whatever your closest friends or peers are likely to get, because exclusives aside a majority of what many gamers are gonna get are awesome multiplats that really outshine the exclusives, exclusives get a lot of buzz because of fanboys but the real treat is in the multiplats. Sure the PS4 offers graphical advantages with those, but playing on a system like the Xbox One would be more worth it if that's where your friends are at. So, feel around to what your friends or people you know might get, and get that.

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@FoxbatAlpha said:

Every Playstaion owner I have shown and played my Xbox One with, buys a Xbox One.

That thing has a tractor beam!

Since you don't actually know any playstation owners that makes your tally 0.

Also, no matter what way you look at it PS4 is the better console.

PS4 has more power for better graphics and performance in multiplatform games and has more support from 3rd party to get a higher number of PC and indie titles.

PS4 also has a higher number of quality exclusives in development.

The only way for you to decide for yourself if the xbox one would be worth a purchase over a PS4 is if you look at the line-up of xbox one exclusives and come to the conclusion that you would rather have those select exclusives over all the advantages the PS4 has over the xbox one

This would also be including the fact that PS4 also keeps it's exclusives while xbox one exclusives tend to get ported to PC after a period of time.

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@irwin888: The X1 has a better media app and fewer exclusives. But those exclusives are big. Gears of War, Halo, Fable, Forza. The hardware is weaker compared against the PS4. They also have fewer indie games. So it depends if you like the exclusives a lot and media app, you should get that. The PS4 has more exclusives, more indie's, better hardware, but not as good of a media app. PS4 has more variety in its games and the games coming up.

So i ask you, what do you want the most?

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You need 500 posts to make a new thread in SW and this board is the worst place to ask for "advice" on what to buy.