Xbox Game Pass headed to 'every device' says Xbox lead Phil Spencer

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I know MS is committed to consoles and having the most powerful going to the next, but I have said time and again, but Xbox is going down a road I'm not sure I want to follow. But here goes and let the Hate flow!

"So we built Xbox Game Pass--it started on console, it will come to PC, and eventually it will come to every device--we use the flywheel that we have with customers on an Xbox to start the growth in Xbox Game Pass. But as somebody sitting back and taking a longer-term view of where our business is going, you should look at that as a business model that we think scales to billions of people not hundreds of millions of people like retail does."

"Every device" also leaves room for speculation on future ventures, potentially beyond Xbox One, Windows PCs, and mobile. Given continued cross-platform efforts, expansions to Nintendo and PlayStation systems can't be ruled out, even if resistanceis the clear focus going forward.-Matt Brown from some platform holders is expected. For Microsoft, building its Xbox Game Pass library, and getting it into more hands,

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This is great news for gamers, XboxONE still is in last place, though.

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I don't know what to think with ms they buy studios to I thought compete with Sony. It seems 1 step forward 2 back.

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Xbox on PlayStation and Nintendo systems confirmed

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Great business decision imo

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Good luck with that, Sony doesn't even allow EA Access

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MS trying an easy exit out of the hardware business. Makes sense as they are a software company after all thinking about it. They have never won a generation after all.

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@robert_sparkes said:

I don't know what to think with ms they buy studios to I thought compete with Sony. It seems 1 step forward 2 back.

I keep telling you all, this is bigger than console wars! MS is fighting off Google and Amazon! Sony is just a fly on the windshield.

Again I will say I am not so sure I even need to own an Xbox next gen, or if this is a road I want to go down with MS. I am a consumer first!

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I don't mind the option of Xbox Game Pass existing, but I do admit that I am a little worried about the possibility of Microsoft becoming too strongly focused on Xbox Game Pass in the future.

I'll never be interested in Xbox Game Pass since I like to own my games and I have no desire for a Netflix of gaming. As long as Microsoft continues to at least have the option for physical media on their consoles, I'll continue to support them, but if they ever make the mistake of going all-in on Xbox Game Pass with no physical media alternative, that's when they would lose me as a customer.

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Is it coming to my microwave?

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If you haven’t realized by now: MS wants to be the Amazon/Netflix of gaming. Everything everywhere. All in service bc of their cloud gaming tech.

Welcome to the future.

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This would be megaton. If Xbox game pass worked on PS3/4/5, they would seriously compete with PSNow's current domination of subscription game services. I don't think Sony will allow that, but we'll see.

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I'd wager that "XCloud" is going to be an extension/component of Xbox Game Pass (along with being the key piece of any dedicated Xbox streaming device).. Essentially for phones, tablets, low-end PCs, and etc, Xbox Game Pass may simply be an app that allows you to stream the games available in the Xbox Game Pass library (similar to PS Now).. For Xbox consoles and capable PCs, there will of course still be the option to download Xbox Game Pass titles natively..

As I've been saying, in the age of digital media, streaming, services, and ecosystems, counting the sales of plastic boxes isn't going to be as important a metric compared to "active user engagement".. Sure, Microsoft getting their teeth kicked in this gen is likely another reason to not tout console sales numbers but their shift towards services like Game Pass and Play Anywhere is a clear indication that Microsoft isn't banking the success of "Xbox" solely on the console market moving forward..

Microsoft is clearly still dedicated to future console hardware development but they seem to be equally invested in allowing you to "play your games where you want to play them"..

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@robert_sparkes: "MS trying an easy exit out of the hardware business."

You're kidding ....right?

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Smart move on MS part.

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Would Xbox Game Pass on Sony and Nintendo consoles be bad thing for gamers? I'm not sure that it would be and certainly not for MS that's for sure.

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My problem is they are going away from what made them revolutionary when they entered the market.

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@boycie said:

Is it coming to my microwave?

Every device means every device.....