X1 & PS4 Price Drop Far Off

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According to this article a price drop wont happen until 2015. So for all those that are waiting will be waiting a long time.


I've seen several topics about waiting until a price drop. Why wait and miss out on gaming for 1.5+ years?

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I cant believe anyone would even think there would be a price drop..makes me scratch my head..

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I have read topics where people think there will be one next fall. I don't believe there will be one until May-Sept 2015.

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Unemployment, minority of age or lack of interest. I see no reason not to get either one now, the harware failures are at an all time low for launch systems.

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I think if the Xbox doesn't meet expectations it'll drop it's price sooner rather than later. It all depends on what MS expectations are though. Same thing when the PS3 launched. It had a price drop rather quick and that was because of it's lack luster sales.

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I think most people were hoping for sales on the systems rather than a universal price drop

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Considering they just released, this doesn't come as a surprise.

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Yea i highly doubt a pricedrop. If anything you might see bundled software or various other promotional deals, but a price drop seems very unlikely in the next year.

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Lol, a pricedrop really ?

How about a slimline or the next generation , did they talk about that already ?

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I'm not waiting for a pricedrop. I'm waiting for the kinks to be ironed out and for more games to be available. Not to mention certain games will have dropped a bit in price by the time I get one.

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I am waiting til Black Friday of next year, but not for a price drop. I just want all the bugs worked out as well as a larger library of games to select from. Then there is the fact that I have a ton of games on my backlog to work through first.

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@VanDammFan said:

I cant believe anyone would even think there would be a price drop..makes me scratch my head..


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I would be pretty surprised if both consoles are the same price at this time next year. Microsoft in particular is going to get destroyed this gen if they stick with that $500 price point.

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Is this suppose to be news? PS3 price dropped after just a few months but that's because it wasn't doing to well. It dropped by $100.00. The X360 took nearly 2 years to drop and it wasn't by much.

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you think with the recent sales numbers they are thinking about a price drop?

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lol are we really going by an article?

no one can predict when these company's will drop the price. it could be a couple months depending on how slow sales are doing (PS3/3DS) or years from now.

that being said i see MS lowering the price within a few months because if they keep it at that $500 mark they will get destroyed by SONY

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I would have guessed 2016.......