Would you buy a Mega Man Battle Network collection?

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Capcom has been repackaging classic Mega Man games again. And with that, I wonder if any one would buy a collection of the Mega Man RPG series, Battle Network?

It would be great for Switch for sure. Just tweak any multiplayer capabilities for modern hardware.

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Maybe just for the sake of owning it, otherwise I don't have any interest in Battle Network or Star Force. If Capcom wanted to make a Mega Man collection for one of the non-platformer series, then I'd prefer Legends.

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I liked the first Battle Network well enough, but I started to burn out halfway through the second Battle Network game. I ended up finishing it, but I didn't have the desire to continue the series after all these years. A collection of the games might be enough to get me to try the later games, though so yes, I would buy Mega Man Battle Network Collection and I would purchase it on Nintendo Switch....so I can start were I left off on the Nintendo handheld. I did however watch the Anime series though.

(And speaking of Battle Network, after watching Death Battle Mega Man battle royal, I never knew Mega Man Battle Network version is consider the most powerful Mega Man of them all)

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I actually never played any of those Mega Man games so I’d definitely buy a collection like that just to check them out.

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@nintendoboy16: I absolutely 100% would. I loved them growing up.

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If it is aviable on physical copies, absolutely yes.

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The only Battle Network games I played was the 4th instalment called Red Sun. Great game, just depends whether I have time to play it.

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i loved the Battle network games growing up (well 1 and 2, never played the rest) so i would deff buy a collection day one.