Would you be intrested in a Division SP spin off?

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One of the Division devs has been talking about a SP spin off that is story driven what do you think?

For me I like the idea as long as it's not a looter shooter and it goes back to the first game setting which has the better atmosphere. A next gen SP division game set in the Winter of NYC sounds like it could be really interesting as long as the gameplay is good of course what do you think?

Here's a link to the article. https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2019/07/15/the-division-director-floats-the-idea-of-a-single-player-narrative-driven-game/#6cfbb0ce3748

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Actually, I would 100% be behind that. It's doable in SP, but I always just stopped playing the first game due to multiple reasons.

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I was into the Division 2, but it was just too much content and none of it was very much fun. As soon as I got the slow-burn, grindy, MMO vibe from it I dropped it fast. (about lvl8 I think)

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sure, i'm interested in anything Massive does.

really enjoyed Division 1 and 2 playing co-op with friends, but i'd be open to a more scripted, story driven game with less emphasis on loot.

honestly, I think I preferred how GR Wildlands handled player progression over the Division games. I think Destiny-style random loot, where its effectively the same weapons just with slightly different stats, is pretty lame. Borderlands is the only series with an actually interesting loot system since it produces a lot more variations on the actual weapons themselves.

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I would definitely be interested. Especially since the online community is rather terrible and the MMO is just too grindy. An SP game would be a much better method of dealing with the setting.

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I love the current division style and I want a single player version.

I hope we get both.

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Can't be that much more different. I've put like 20 hours into that game, playing on my own. Suppose more cinematics and press forward to move through loading screen will happen.

The more I think about it, the less I want it to happen.

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I'd rather have a new Rainbow Six single-player, but this will do, too I guess.

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Yes, multiplayer doesn't make everything better.

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If they go all-in on a singleplayer game, than why not? But I've learned the hard way that SP-campaigns in MP focused games are no bueno. And if that is the plan, I'm not interested. Latest example for me was the Titanfall 2 campaign which was supposedly brilliant according to all the experts. It was not lol.

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Played d2 as a single player game and loved it! Would definitely love to see a more story driven in the division universe

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@IgGy621985 said:

I'd rather have a new Rainbow Six single-player, but this will do, too I guess.

I'm gonna go with this so much but hey, I like Division 2, a single player only wouldn't hurt either but I rather it be just Expansion Pack SP.

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It's Ubisoft, no matter what they do it will be sh*t...well, at least their AAA offerings.

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Game grows stale fast... only so much duck behind cover and fire at enemies you can do in game. Not sure how a single player game would look, you can play a lot of the content in division 2 without a team, but its just not as fun.

I do appreciate the enemy AI in the game, so watching out for your flank and constant repositioning feels tactical. But every area its more of the same.

Its a great world to explore, so if you are interested just play Div 2 and you will get your fill. I dont think a full SP spin-off would be much different.

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Absolutely. I'd love to play that. Don't really do MP, so I haven't tried either offerings.